Secrets and Treasures: We all have them!

Secrets and treasures, but what would the world be without them? A very dull place indeed!

Who doesn’t have special little bits and pieces, hidden around their home? Do you take them out and fondle them, or just feel safe, knowing that they’re hidden away from prying eyes?

I say enjoy them! Wallow in the memories! Air them out, let them free, dream about them, but keep them close to your heart!

What better way to do that, than to make an amulet pouch? I’ve been thinking about amulet, or talisman pouches for a while, but hadn’t settled on how I wanted to make them. Many choices came to mind, but nothing gelled until recently!

I’ve been working on Stitch Meditations for the last year and a half, but it wasn’t until I decided to combine that activity with bead embroidery, that my amulet pouch was born! The addition of free form peyote, was the final, and might I say, serendipity, intuitive step! I sketched the shape a few months ago, but just got around to stitching it last week. I stitched like a madwoman, then was finished in a couple of days. Oh, my aching fingers!!

No, I have no plans to make amulet pouches, out of my current Stitch Meditations! But thank you Dwyn for asking!!! LOL! It’s an interesting idea, but they’re just too small.

Then, the dilemma was which type of chain, or braid to hang it from? Knotting was a possibility, but then so was Kumihimo! Or, how about silk cording, free motion, machine wrapped braid, leather, or even a fine chain? All would work, but perhaps not for this piece! Then, I had the brilliant idea, to check if we had any gemstone chain, in the right colour? So, I rushed down to the store (on my day off, I might add), to check out the selection, and found perfection!

Plan B was to make my own rosary type chain! If you know how to make simple loops, it’s easy! If you own a One-Step Looper, it’s even easier!!

secrets and treasures

My amulet making quest is in fine form! I have a second one in the works, and will probably have it ready for it’s grand unveiling in a couple of weeks! Will that be the end of it?  I doubt it, because I have plenty of secrets and treasures, and I’ll probably design a class around them. Don’t look for it until the fall/winter though, as other plans are already afoot for the summer.

Here’s an interesting blog post, on the origin of the amulet bag. Mine is certainly not traditional, and not specifically meant for protection, but rather as a handy vessel for treasured objects.

secrets and treasures

Now, the real question is, which secrets and treasures, will honour this little amulet bag? Will it be a shell, or stone from a sun washed beach, my grandmother’s engagement ring, a resin filled bottlecap, dried blossom, charm from the past, or even a folded note from a loved one? What would you place in there, if you had the option?


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