Not Labradoodles – but oodles of Labradorite! I have to tell you – Labradorite is one of our most popular stones. I think the thrill of finding good labradorite is unbeatable, and it is quietly beautiful with flashes of brilliance, as opposed to flashy and in your face. Like having a secret super power! There is something mystical and magical about it’s misty depths and inner glow.

This week, in addition to our existing variety of beads, we have some breathtaking One-of-a-Kind Labradorite pendants.

And I do mean breath-taking!

s62967 OOAK Stone Pendant - 38x24mm Freeform - Labradorite
s62968 OOAK Stone Pendant - 35x18mm Freeform - Labradorite
s62969 OOAK Stone Pendant - 48x20mm Freeform - Labradorite
s62971 OOAK Stone Pendant - 22x46mm Freeform - Labradorite

There is a legend, according the the interwebs, (so it must be true 😉 ), that labradorite is the Aurora, trapped in the rocks by an evil wizard. I think these look more like the flash of a bird of paradise in the trees, or the sunlight glinting off a salmon in a stream. From some angles – grey like fog, and from others – stunning!

s62972 OOAK Stone Pendant - 19x70mm Rectangle - Labradorite
s62973 OOAK Stone Pendant - 18x69mm Rectangle - Labradorite
s62974 OOAK Stone Pendant - 20x70mm Long Shield - Labradorite
s62975 OOAK Stone Pendant - 20x71mm Long Shield - Labradorite
s62976 OOAK Stone Pendant - 19x60mm Long Shield - Labradorite
s62977 OOAK Stone Pendant - 25x53mm Paddle - Labradorite

What jewelry will you make with your labradorite?
Will it be elaborate bead embroidery? Or the raw simplicity of leather cord?





But, just on the off chance that Labradorite is not your thing (today!) – check out the

Lightning Azurite

s62987 OOAK Stone Pendant - 27x48mm Pear Drop - Lightning Azurite

The Larimar

s62991 OOAK Stone Pendant - 18x25mm Drop - Larimar

The Shattuckite

s62998 OOAK Stone Pendant - 55mm Keystone - Shattuckite
s62995 OOAK Stone Pendant - 37x44mm Rectangle - Shattuckite
s62997 OOAK Stone Pendant - 58mm Drop - Shattuckite

and the Parrotwing Chrysocolla

s63006 OOAK Stone Pendant - 68mm Drop - Parrotwing Chrysocolla

Also – the Chrysocolla pairs

s63008 OOAK Stone Pendant - 33mm Freeform Slabs - Chrysocolla (Pair)

And the Bumblebee Jasper Pairs

s63012 OOAK Stone Pendant - 40mm Rectangle Pair - Bumblebee Jasper (Pair)

Oh, and the Crazy Lace Agate pairs!

s63019 OOAK Stone Pendant - 41mm Drop Pair - Crazy Lace Agate (Pair)

You can review all the new stuff here!!!

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