July 2019 Bead Mat Update: Clay, bead and stitch!

My July 2019 Bead Mat Update is hot, hot, hot!

It’s actually the weather that’s been hot, hot, hot, but at least it’s cooled down now. Mid-30C + high humidity, is just not nice!!

Stitch, beads, and Quick Cure Clay have been my main art focus in July, but then what else was I going to do when it was so hot? Playing outside, for long, was not an option!!

I’m going to start with my ongoing love affair with Amulet bags. They’re designed to hang around your neck, hold small treasures, then serve as an unusual piece of jewelry! I really love this one, but I believe that the next will definitely be narrower, and possibly more organic looking. 100% hand stitched, with embroidery, bead embroidery, and freeform peyote accents!

july 2019 bead mat update

Loosely based on the same type of stitching as my Stitch Meditations, with the added touch of gemstone chain from BeadFX! I was lucky this time, but it’s probably wiser to buy the chain first, then select your fabrics, and beads. It’s a little chancy to do it the other way around! But hey, why not take a risk?

Next on my July 2019 Bead Mat Update, are the latest results from my Quick Cure Clay adventures! I’m learning its quirks and foibles, have paired it with some of my stash products, then figured out work arounds, on the fly!! It’s certainly been an adventure! There will be a class in the future, but nothing has been scheduled yet!

Even more experimenting to do, but here are the pieces I worked on last week. 

My favourite piece of the week! The top colour is a little too yellow, but I haven’t decided if I’m going to tweak it any further. I absolutely love the rest!

july 2019 bead mat update

Not my best piece! It was a great idea, but the sides raised, and pearls sunk down a bit, to expose the holes (which I thought that I had hidden successfully). Plus, I really don’t like the colour I selected for the background! I’ll layer another colour on top, then see if I can fix the rest of the problem with a coat of Ice Resin.

july 2019 bead mat update

I’ve been carting the pieces around, but look what happened when I opened the box yesterday! The entire piece fell out of the metal bezel!!!!! Does that mean that the QCC does not properly adhere to shiny metal? I may have read somewhere that you should use it on porous surfaces, but did I pay any attention? No, of course not!! Don’t worry, I’ll figure something out……meanwhile, there’s always E6000, or a touch of Ice Resin in the bottom. My landscape (see above) seems okay, but I haven’t tried to pry it out yet. I plan to stress test it on the weekend!

july 2019 bead mat update

Quick Cure Clay takes colour beautifully! QCC + rubberstamps + markers!! I’ll finish them off with a coat of Ice Resin, shortly!

july 2019 bead mat update
july 2019 bead mat update

Here’s a piece that I made last week. It’s still in it’s natural colour!

I’ve been playing so much, that I forgot to start my July Bead Journal Project piece!

july 2019 bead mat update

“Play is the essential feature in productive thought.” – Albert Einstein

Although I’m posting my July 2019 Bead Mat Update today, I haven’t actually finished my July creating! I’m not really a metalworker, but I am taking two Robyn Cornelius’ ring classes on Friday (there’s still room in some of her classes, and she’s a fantastic instructor!) I can hardly wait!!! I’ll be sure to post photos of the results. But what have you been up to, besides trying to keep cool? Anything creative to share?

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