Sparkle it Up!

What does sparkle it up mean to you? Is it for special occasions, when you want a little something extra to lift your spirits? Or is it something that you secretly crave?

Bling is very personal! Not everyone is comfortable wearing it, but it always catches your eye.

I’ve never been a real sparkle girl, but I admit to making a handful of pieces. I have always felt the pull to bezel a crystal or two, but just haven’t found the time to fit it into my discretionary creative space.

This is one of my older pieces, that was made in a long-ago class. The asymmetrical embellishment was not a part of the class, but rather something that I added myself. I’m such a non-rule follower! That’s not really a surprise, if you’ve taken one of my classes, or follow this blog (I post every Wednesday). LOL! There wasn’t enough bling in the original piece, so I just had to sparkle it up some more!

sparkle it up

Wire-wrapped loops (and simple loops) were a problem for me, until I decided to take a bunch of 4 mm Swarovski bicones, and make necklaces out of them. I believe that I made four in total. One I sold, and the other three remain in my possession. But only one of them has wire-wrapped loops, because even I’m not crazy enough to duplicate the process.

sparkle it up

The other three were much easier, using the One-Step Looper tool. A new tool, a few simple steps, then a huge difference in time, and fiddling about! It works for beads and stones too!

Here’s a messier photo, of the same three necklaces

sparkle it up

This necklace, was made as a BeadFX Inspiration, quite some time ago, yet as much as I love it, it’s currently gathering dust!

sparkle it up

When I spotted these necklaces, in a church garage sale, I just couldn’t resist!  But, do you blame me, or are you just envious? One has broken apart twice, but I still love it! I don’t find that many occasions to wear them, but then I guess that’s my own fault. Who says that you can’t sparkle it up with denim? Malliga certainly does!

sparkle it up
Chain, pearls, and crystals, oh my!

I’ve purchased many Swarovski Crystal Rivolis, and Fancy Rhinestones, from BeadFX, with good intentions, but they’re currently gathering dust in my stash. I’ve made earrings, and necklaces to give as gifts, but rarely wear ones that I’ve made for myself. What does that say about me? That I’m just not a sparkle girl?

Who doesn’t appreciate those fabulous necklaces, that you see in books and magazines? I would like to try my hand at it, and have even purchased books. What’s stopping me from getting the lead out?

The fabulous Jean Power, who has taught at BeadFX!


How about a BeadFX, sparkle it up challenge? I’m up for it, if you are!!!

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