Cat’s Eye, Chakra, OOAK Cabs, Bit of a Hurry

Sorry folks – working on something BIG and suffering from a bit of a time crunch, so brace yourself, the update is coming atcha at the speed o’ light! Hang in there.

Cats Eye & Eagle Eye

This lovely shimmery natural Cat’s Eye is a far-cry from the man-made fiber-optic beads that are also called Cat’s Eye. Nothing wrong with those, they are pretty and fun, but this is the original, the inspiration, so to speak. And this will look amazing in your own handmade jewelry, whether you are making something office chic or evening elegant. Or for just making yourself feel better about vacuuming.

s63107 Stone Beads - 8mm Round - Cat
s63110 Stone Beads - 20x10mm Double Drilled Rectangle - Cat
s63111 Stone Beads - 30x40mm Oval - Cat
s63112 Stone Beads - 8mm Round - Eagle Eye (strand)

As a matter of fact, here IS some of the man-made Cat’s Eye. Ok, not liking the term “man-made.” “Human-made” isn’t cutting it for me. Synthetic? Artificial? Created? Suggestions?

s63217 Cabochon - 25mm Round Moon Face - Cat
s63218 Cabochon - 25mm Round Moon Face - Cat

Chakra Stones

Someone asked us the other day about buying stone beads by the each, instead of the strand. Well, we have found they can be a problem to handle that way: the beads tend to get damaged or get spilled and scatter all over the floor, run under the table, get eaten by the dog, stepped on and create a nasty crunching sound. However, because we are so accommodating, 😉 we have these Chakra Banded strands, comprised of Amethyst, Lapis, Blue Apatite, Green Aventurine, Citrine, Carnelian, Red Garnet and Crystal Quartz. You’re welcome.

s63113 Stone Beads - 10mm Round - Chakra Banded Mixed Stone (strand)

Do the Twist! Fiber Craft Beads

We are going to be at Twist – the Fibre Festival in Quebec. (Aug 14-18, Saint-Andre-Avellin, come on out and see us!) Everything is better with beads, and if you want some larger beads to embellish your knitting or crochet – these 7mm beads with a 2.5mm hole might be just the ticket. They would also work for leather cord and kid-friendly projects.

s63078 Czech Seedbeads - 31/0 ~7mm  Fiber Craft Seed Bead - Gold (Pack)
s63079 Czech Seedbeads - 31/0 ~7mm  Fiber Craft Seed Bead - Silver Lined Crystal (Pack)

Beading Foundation

More colors in the GoodFelt Beading Foundation. These are a stiff felt that you can use as a base for beading around a cabochon or large focal piece.

74509859-03 Beading Supplies - 8.5x11in GoodFelt Beading Foundation - Multi Selection 2 (Pack 100)

And speaking of Cabochons … Here’s the good stuff

We have some stunners … there are some very nice cabs in the update from a private collector. These are OOAK (One Of A Kind) cabochons, including stuff I had never seen before. Rosarita (Gold Slag) … a by-product of the gold refining process in Alaska in the 50s and 60s. Trace amounts of gold would be lost and end up melted in with the sand from the refining process, producing a beautiful colored – essentially a glass – colored with the gold. Nowadays, the process doesn’t leave enough gold in the sand for it to color it, so this material is limited to old caches. Look at that color!

s63205 OOAK Stone Cabochon - 35mm Circle - Rosarita
s63206 OOAK Stone Cabochon - 39mm Triangle - Rosarita

Plume Agate!

s63204 OOAK Stone Cabochon - 31x56mm Oval - Prudent Man Plume Agate
s63208 OOAK Stone Cabochon - 42x62mm Freeform Beakshape - Priday Plume Agate

And More! (Yes, that’s a Trilobite.)

s63214 OOAK Stone Cabochon - 51mm Circle - Crazy Lace Agate
s63213 OOAK Stone Cabochon - 14x18mm Fossil - Trilobite

And a lovely selection of Mookaite cabs

s63220 OOAK Stone Cabochon - 30mm Square Cabochon - Mookaite
s63222 OOAK Stone Cabochon - 30mm Square Cabochon - Mookaite

Some stone butterfly wing cabs

s63244 OOAK Stone Cabochon - 50mm Butterfly Wings - Ocean Jasper (Set)
s63249 OOAK Stone Cabochon - 50mm Butterfly Wings - Banded Agate (Set)

And yes – best for last, your fave and high on my list, Labradorite. (Labradorite is growing on me – maybe because we have been getting such amazing specimens!!!)

s63254 OOAK Stone Cabochon - 30x40mm Rectangle - Labradorite
s63255 OOAK Stone Cabochon - 30x40mm Rectangle - Labradorite

Have fun browsing! I gotta run – working on a bunch of new stuff for some upgrades to the site to make it easier – I hope!!!!! – to find stuff.


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