August 2019 Bead Mat Update: All mixed up!

My August 2019 bead mat update is about how mixed up I get! When I’m creating that is, but that’s not what it’s all about!

Resin (Ice Resin), Coral branch fringe, Twinchies (2” x 2” little pieces of art), and small mixed media tags don’t have much in common, but I’ve been working on all of them! Does that make me strange, or just quite suited to my mixed-up media title!

We had a blast at my resin class! But then, we always have a blast in that class. Collage, and resin are perfect companions, but this time, I even had one student make the most wonderful little seascapes. I took photos, but as they didn’t really do the pieces justice, I’m not including them. What made her work special, is that she painstakingly tore, tiny pieces of paper, to build up her seascapes. You could almost hear the waves crashing on the rocks, when she was finished! This is a case of the student, teaching the teacher, as I will definitely be experimenting with this process in the future.

The last time I taught the resin class, I partially filled a couple of open-backed bezels, with coloured resin. Last week, I added my inclusions on top of that cured resin, but wow! You can’t even imagine the depth that added to the composition, after the second coat of resin dried (because it doesn’t really show in the photo).

The larger bezel is my favourite, because the middle flower, actually looks like a tree! The smaller bezel is more subtle, as it was a little too small to overcomplicate. However, I did add a few stones, and even a bit of wool roving, just to see what would happen. Let me tell you, that sneaky roving is very ornery, when you want to keep it tucked neatly in the resin.  LOL!

august 219 bead mat update
august 219 bead mat update

I do love both of these other collages, but the one with the music note is my favourite.

august 219 bead mat update
august 219 bead mat update

A year or so ago, I was playing around with painting copper blanks. I didn’t really like the results on this one, but I kept it just the same.  I had the bright idea to add a few flowers, then after it dried, a layer of resin. Once I finish the back, and drill a hole, I’ll have another little pendant for the jewelery box!

august 219 bead mat update

Last Saturday, I repeated my Coral Fringe Tassel workshop! We had a lot of fun in that one too, even though I realized that the dark beads that I chose to demo with, were exactly the same ones, that I used on the completed tassel, with the brass top (from a bullet casing). What do you think of the beads/pearls I selected for the necklace? I’m thinking of adding some brass beads as well. I wonder how long it will take me to finish? Any bets?

I didn’t get much done in class, but now I’m working on a much paler version.

My August 2019 bead mat update wouldn’t be complete, without showing a few photos of my Twinchies, and little mixed-media tags. I’m including both as Stitch Meditations this year, even though the tags were originally intended for the #100dayproject! So far, I’m up to 91 Twinchies, and 51 tags! I’ll stop the Twinchies at 100, but will not be able to make it to that number for the tags, as I’ll probably run out of the blanks at about 70/75.  Sigh!

A blue tassel, that I want to rework! One or two of the fringes are a little too long (picky, picky)!

Look at this! I take classes too! Easy Slider Necklace, chainmaille class from Gillian Clarke.

Look for a mixed media tag workshop, before the end of the year! Plan to use these tags for bookmarks, holiday gift giving, cards, ornaments, garland, etc.

I still have one more week to go in my August 2019 bead mat update, but this weekend, I want to concentrate on my ongoing Quick Cure Clay experiments (then designing a new class). I haven’t had much quality time with it lately, but am just itching to play again!! Keep your eyes peeled!!

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