Pamper Yourself: You deserve it!

Do you ever pamper yourself? If you don’t, then you should!

What would happen if you suddenly decided to treat yourself to a few days of beady bliss? No, that’s not the only thing you could pamper yourself with, but wouldn’t it be nice to try? BeadFX is open 7 days/week, and our on-line shopping is always open! There are no excuses!!

We have some fabulous classes coming up for fall, so why don’t you drop by this Saturday? You will be able to meet the teachers, check out our classes (Back to Class event), then fondle the samples, while noshing on delicious Bar-BEAD-que!!! No, we won’t make you eat beads, but we will certainly allow you to buy some! Isn’t that pampering? We also won’t let you fondle the samples, with greasy fingers!!! We’re funny that way!!

Playing is considered pampering, isn’t it? See what I’ve been getting up to with Quick Cure Clay! I have tons more samples, but the class is not scheduled until November 1st (it will show on the schedule soon).  It’s a Friday, but that’s mostly because I left it too late, and could not get a weekend date in the Metal Studio (we will need the exhaust fan, during the curing process).

pamper yourself
Alert: Swarovski Crystal Letters are still on the sale table. Get them before they’re gone!
pamper yourself
I still need to figure out the bail part!

Then, here’s my latest “Twinchie” Stitch Meditation! I’m up to #92 now, so that means only 8 more to go before I accomplish my goal of 100 for this series. Yeah!

pamper yourself

How about some large tags, that combine paper, fabric, and beads?

pamper yourself

I work in a large bead store! How could I not be tempted to by all things shiny, but sometimes I do need to stay strong and resist. However, I do admit to being tempted by the new selection of Bead On It Boards. A couple of the new colours are really yummy, but I don’t really need another one, or do I?

Stones are my big downfall, but then again, so are pearls. I haven’t been buying much lately, because I’m saving myself for the next big thing. Tools are also a weakness, but a little pampering isn’t really a bad thing, is it?

The kids are back in school, yet the weather is still pretty good, so should we consider summer over? I spotted some signs on my trip to the beach on Sunday.  I love fall, but I’m definitely not ready to release summer yet!  Perhaps if I close my eyes, wish really hard, and click my shiny red shoes, the weather will stay nice through September, and part of October. There’s no place like summer, there’s no place like summer….

I resisted picking it up, but pretend that it’s a leaf!! Giggle!

Take a class, walk on the beach, get a manicure/pedicure, eat some chocolate, buy yourself a little something, something, and just let go! You work hard, you spend time doing for other people, yet you seldom give yourself permission to let go.  Make a date, then decide to pamper yourself.  Pencil it in, if you need to! Like I said earlier, you deserve it!!

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