Leaf Drama: The story continues!

A little leaf drama, is good for the soul! It’s now officially Autumn, despite the fact that yesterday was disgustingly hot, and humid! But now we’re in for cooler temperatures, and the colours have started changing.

Back in 2013, I had a vision of what I’d like to do for my 2013/2014 Bead Journal Project (BJP), but I needed more visual input, before I could make definite plans.

Enter, leaf drama exploration! My vision involved making a series of twelve intuitive, bead embroidered leaves. But how would I do that, you ask? Why collect some actual leaves, of course! So, I took some walks, collected a variety of leaves, and dried them in a book.

Leaf pile!

It all started with a single leaf, that I designed myself. I’m pretty sure that I hadn’t started collecting the leaves yet, but I just doodled the shape, then it turns out, it’s one of my favourites. The perfect size for a pin, but it has never been made into one!  Why, you ask? I have no real idea, but perhaps it just wasn’t it’s time? Isn’t it funny how that happens?

leaf drama
Based on a sketch, not a real leaf!

In all the leaf drama, I actually made thirteen pieces, then decided that if I ever added them to a fibre art piece, I would include my least favourite on the back.  Guess which one it is?

Brown has never been my colour, and I’m not even all that fond of yellow!

Okay, you guessed it, or did I just give it away?

The rest of the leaf photos are being posted in no particular order!

leaf drama
leaf drama
After a trip to the ocean!

I started each piece, by tracing the leaf shape onto a piece of cardstock, then transferring it to my backing material (i.e., Lacy’s Stiff Stuff, Good Felt (stiffened felt), Peltex, Flexi-Firm, etc.). After that, I chose my focal, and colour scheme (often pulling colours out of the focal), then bezelled around the focal, with even count peyote.

leaf drama

It was always a beading free-for-all, but very fulfilling! Each BJP leaf tells a story! Friends, family, workshops, new techniques, materials, and trips, all play a role in the design, but then I let my inner muse loose! Nothing is sacred, and you need lots of junk (err, treasures)! It’s always fun to see the results, yet it’s certainly not an exact process! It is fulfilling though!!

Notice the slightly rusty bottlecap, being used as a focal. It was picked up on one of my walks.

My process, is not to have a process! I simply go with the flow, then see where it takes me. It’s risky behaviour, but that’s the way I work best! Problem solving at its finest!  Perhaps I should design a beaded leaf workshop for 2020! Is that something that would interest you?

leaf drama
leaf drama

Leaf drama indeed, but that’s the way I roll! If you’re interested, just let me know, and I’ll start gathering the leaves!!


    1. Anne Marie

      Thank you Priscella! It was a fun project to work on, and I’m actually thinking of a new series for the winter months. They’ll be different, but probably still leaves. Intuitive Bead Embroidery is a lot of fun!!

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