You don’t want to miss – 25% off Crystals and Pearls

Thank heaven, for little pearls
They bead up in the most delightful way.
And crystal beads,
So sparkling and appealing
When they are flashing
They look so smashing
And send you squealing,
Thank Heaven …

25% off Crystal Beads and Pendants and Pearls, Fashion and Freshwater.

We have much to be thankful for – from little things like getting to the bus stop just as the bus pulls in, to big things like the test result that comes back “Clear.”

This coming Monday is Thanksgiving (here in Canada – because we like to give thanks early and often). The store will be closed Monday, so we can stay home and give thanks for pumpkin pie and baked yams and crispy brown turkey with gravy and garlic mashed potatos and spicy green beans and cranberry jelly that looks great but no one ever eats and not having a jello salad with marshmallows in it and I can hear the rising chorus of you all chiming in with “Eeeew, I hate Yams” and “But I love cranberry jelly.” Each unto her own, which is the point. The point is to take a moment to pause and give thanks.

And take advantage of our one-week-only sale to stock up on some supplies to make something to thank yourself, to be mindful of your blessings, or make something to say thank you to a friend, or just delight in the classic beauty of crystals and pearls.

After all – it is called “Thanks-giving.” 😉

New This Week

More colours in the Large Seedbead Fibre Craft beads. These are suitable for using in knitting and crochet because of their larger holes. These are approximately 7mm with a 2.5 mm hole – which is approximately equivalent to a size 31/0 (seedbead sizes do a flip once they get large and the numbering system changes.) The holes are more in line with the size 33/0.

s63347 Czech Seedbeads - 31/0 ~7mm  Fiber Craft Seed Bead - Royal Blue Lustre (Pack)
s63352 Czech Seedbeads - 31/0 ~7mm  Fiber Craft Seed Bead - Grass Green AB (Pack)
s63353 Czech Seedbeads - 31/0 ~7mm  Fiber Craft Seed Bead - Olive Green (Pack)
s63354 Czech Seedbeads - 31/0 ~7mm  Fiber Craft Seed Bead - Yellow Lustre (Pack)

Store Closed Thanksgiving Monday Oct 14. – Open Sunday Oct 13. If you are driving to the store, please check what part of the Gardiner Expressway weekend closure is going to mess you up, in addition to the unholy nightmare that is Eglinton. Online, as always, open 24-7.

Christmas is coming.

I know, I know – we haven’t even had Thanksgiving and Halloween. But, when you are making … you need more lead time. How about some Festive Seasonal earrings? Check out our Holiday Earring Kits.

s26986 Holiday Earring Kits -  O Crystal Tree - Emerald Fir
s26985 Holiday Earring Kits -  O Crystal Tree - Fern Pine
s26988 Holiday Earring Kits -  Angel - Pure as Crystal

Special Requests

23403331-00 Findings - 10mm Flat Leather - 10mm Fold Over Clasp - Silver (10)

Designer packs of these fold-over clasps for 10mm leather, jelly band, and other flat cord. Findings – 10mm Flat Leather – 10mm Fold Over Clasp – Silver (10)

If Magnetic clasps don’t suit your tastes or designs, try these slim clasps with a fold-over latch. Use with Flat 10mm Leather, Cork Leather, Jelly Band, Textured Leather, Studded Leather, and more.

Don’t forget to check out all the new stuff here!!!

Oh, and don’t forget the Manager’s Specials – over 500 specially selected items on sale – with savings 50-80% off! !!!!

Can’t find what you are looking for? Feel free to just email us and ask!

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