This and That: Random thoughts!

This and that, what’s new, and lots of other things!!!

Oh no! She doesn’t know what she’s going to write about today, but she’s just going to do it anyway! Okay, I’ve done this before, but not all that often, so please forgive me. If you care to follow, yet are prepared not to judge, just read on!!

I was planning to write about jewelery trends, started researching the subject, then decided that I’d rather push the topic to another week. My brain started to hurt, just thinking about it!!

My first this and that, is what’s kinda new in the mixed media category, at BeadFX. Vintaj Patinas, of course!! When I say “kinda new”, it’s because I’ve actually been experimenting with them for years, but now we carry them, so they’re easier for me to buy.

Weathered Copper Set – one of my favourites!

It’s an older product, originally intended as a paint, type of patina for metals, then adopted by the mixed media crowd. I originally used it as intended, but then graduated to paper, leather, wood, and even Quick Cure Clay. I haven’t tried it on plastic yet, but I bet that would work as well! You know that it’s fun to play, don’t you?

I first tried extending this product with water, transitioned to their own glaze (available in both Glossy, or Matte), and then to Golden Acrylic Glazing Liquid (Satin). Next, I plan to give a couple of the Golden Acrylic Gels a try. I have more ideas, and there are other products I could use, but I’m trying to use ones that I own, first! I haven’t tried paint thinners yet, but I bet that they would work as well. Experimenting is fun!!

But did you know that you can also mix several colours together, to make new colours (that’s why we bought them in sets)? Not always perfect, but the options are endless! Ooh, the possibilities!

Now for the that, in this and that!!!!

I’ve been working on Amulet Pouches again; because of the class I taught this past Sunday. Enrollment was a little low, but all of the pieces are fabulous, and we had a great time. Here’s the one I worked on. Not quite finished, because I still need to add the gemstone chain, and I’m still debating adding a little more beading. But I’m not convinced that I really want to. Sheesh!

this and that

I finished beading this bezelled cabochon (class coming up in November), but does it want to be a pendant, brooch, or maybe even a bracelet? I’m totally in love with the colour, yet still need to spend more thinking time on the final product. Sometimes, being intuitive, is a real pain!!

this and that

If you want to try out the Vintaj Patinas, we will be playing with them in my Quick Cure Clay (QCC) class this Friday (November 1st). It’s going to be a blast!!! This clay is new, it’s exciting, yet still opens up many creative opportunities!! We’re breaking new ground here, and I’m absolutely ecstatic! If that doesn’t get your curiosity going, how about the fact that I will be bringing heat guns, an iron, and a hotplate to the table? Hot, hot, hot!! You’ll just need to be there!

this and that

Two more QCC projects that I’ve been working on! On the first, I sealed both the QCC and the driftwood with Vintaj Glaze. First Glossy, then Matte, in an attempt to dull it down to a satin finish. Guess what? It worked!

this and that

I wanted to see if I could make a little bowl. More work to do! It’s not finished, needs more texture on the inside, then a coat or two of something colourful! I’ll add more QCC, texture, re-cure, then add colour on Friday. It’s going to be so much fun!!

this and that

I’m happy with today’s this and that post, and I hope that you enjoyed it as well. I know that spooky times are coming tomorrow, but don’t forget to take a little time to play!

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