November 2019 Bead Mat Update

My November 2019 Bead Mat Update is a study in contrasts. As a mixed-up media artist, I feel that it’s my duty to show you a variety of projects, but that’s not all! I want to educate you, by showing both the good, and the bad!

Okay, it’s not all bad, but I must admit that I’m not feeling all that creative these days. Mainly due to the fact that I’m in organizing mode, but also because my left and right brain, seem to be having a stand-off!  But I’m normally very creative, yet when I organize, my nit-picking, detail-oriented, corporate background, seems to come back into play! I blame it on my finance background!!

My Quick Cure Clay class went very well, with almost a full roster of students. We snapped on the nitrile gloves, then played around with the clay. Every time I teach a new class I get fired up, yet my brain often goes off on a tangent, thinking about things that I didn’t include in the class. This time, I started wondering what would happen if I added crayon shavings, before curing the clay. My very first result is interesting, but I think that I’d like to take it even further. It’s pretty cool, even though it does need a final coat of Ice Resin.

november 2019 bead mat update

Hmmm. I wonder why I didn’t take a photo of any of my other pieces? They’re suspiciously missing!!!

For those of you who missed it, I’ll be repeating this class in 2020, but no dates have been scheduled yet.

Next on my November 2019 bead mat update is the Artist’s Concrete class that I held last Saturday. Not quite as many students this time, but then again, I ran an extra class (thanks to my Ottawa students), so I had no expectations. Everyone was very creative, and we had a lot of fun! I love the simplicity of the metal bezel with the purple inclusion, the sea themed items are a little fragile, the smaller heart needs some work, but the beach glass pendant has definite possibilities. Oh, for a little more time!!

november 2019 bead mat update
Nice look! Clean lines!
november 2019 bead mat update
A little damaged! I took them out of the mold too soon.
Yep! Fish eggs!!!
november 2019 bead mat update
Next time, I’ll use a darker glass!

Did you notice the focal piece on the concrete heart pendant? It’s one that I made a couple of years ago, then unearthed while sorting through a box. I’m not sure why I saved it, but I’m certainly glad that I did! Alcohol ink, on Yupo paper, then treated to a final coat of Ice Resin.

I used micro beads on the smaller heart. No, not the ones we sell in the store, but larger ones from my stash. They give an interesting effect, but in this instance, I think that they look like fish eggs! LOL! I’m thinking of adding either a stone bead, or crystal, and then coating everything with Ice Resin. The resin will fill the depression in the clay, and smooth everything out!

I’m introducing a new class in January, Explorations in Freeform Peyote! This is a design and play class, that allows you to choose your own project, then work on it in the class, under my guidance. It’s for those of you that either just want to play, need to learn the basics, or would like to explore it further, by designing something totally unique! No, you don’t need to have taken my other FFP classes, but you do need to be comfortable with a needle and thread. If this works out, I may decide to expand the format in the future. It’s not on the schedule yet, but should be there in the next week or so.

november 2019 bead mat update

Are you interested in bezelling cabochons? If so, there’s a class for that this Saturday!!! I’ll probably work on my three un-finished projects, but of course, I’ll need to start another, so I can actually show you how to bezel!!! It’s a simple, fun class, and not quite as off-the-wall, and scarily intuitive, as some of my others.  Chuckle!

Still in progress!

Two of the cabs shown below, were purchased from BeadFX, and the other is an artisan one, acquired years ago. But sorry, I don’t remember the name of the glass artist. I’m leaning towards bezelling one of them, but haven’t made my final selection yet.

Not even started!

Totally unrelated, but here are a couple of large beads that I purchased from wire whisperer Kaska Firor, when she was in town.  I love them, but they’ll need to percolate a little longer, because I haven’t decided what to do with them yet. That’s the beauty of organizing, yet also the pitfall of doing it. You discover new/old things, then your mind goes off in a million directions!!

Of course, all good things must come to an end, so it’s time to wrap up my November 2019 bead mat update. I’m not sure what I’ll be beading for the holidays, but they need to be started stat! Otherwise they’ll be late, and that will never do!  What are you working on? Do you care to share?

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