Unfinished Projects: Good or bad?

Are unfinished projects the dreaded enemy? Do they frustrate you, or are you just happy to have an easy project to work on?

Before I started adding workshops to my roster, I probably finished off more projects than the majority of people. However, now my workspace is filled with class samples, but those samples are really unfinished projects (UP’s). I make a lot of samples, yet not all of them, should be finished. But of course, I am my own worst critic!

What the heck am I supposed to do with the ones that I don’t like? I know that I won’t ever finish them, yet I really don’t want to put them out there for adoption. But is that wasteful? Then, if that’s the case, do you think that there might be someone out there, who would give my orphans a good home? I promise to think about it a little longer, yet I’m still not encouraged to try.

Now back to our regular programming!

I will finish a few of my UP’s before the end of the year! After my recent “Bezelling a Cabochon 101” class, I only completed one, out of the three. But, was really drawn to the blue one, and it only needed one more row of beads. But, is it really finished? Of course not! Now, I’m tempted to use it as the focal point in a bead embroidered bracelet. Sigh! I will cut out more Lacy’s Stiff Stuff, then layer it on, and bead embroider!! Work, work, and more work!

unfinished projects

The other two are still waiting, yet I’m not really pushing myself to finish them right now.

unfinished projects

I think that my looped stone pendant needs a simple length of chain, but I still need to decide on a metal colour. Silver, or Antique Copper?

unfinished projects

Then, what about this trio of Quick Cure Clay pendants? Should I go simple, or complex?

unfinished projects

I’ve completed approximately six feet of my Stitch Meditation scroll, yet there’s still approximately one more foot to go. I need to start working on it again!!

My Teeny Tags look fabulous on this binder ring! I’ve made 57 of them so far, yet I’m hoping to complete 75. I had originally planned on making 100, but I’m running out of tags, so my goal needed to be adjusted downwards. I’m trying to use up my stash, and avoid buying more tags.

unfinished projects

My Dancing Doll, is still hanging around, but I probably won’t start on her, until 2020. I seem to have lost my doll-making mojo, but I’m sure that it will return in due time.

I won’t even mention (or show) all of the samples that I have for my “Beading without a Net: Intuitive Bead Embroidery”, and “Resin: A Mixed-Up Media Approach” classes, coming up in the next couple of weeks.

I’m just giving you a wee peek into my shameful unfinished projects, so watch for the return of the UP’s, in future blog posts. How about you? Do you have any to share?


  1. Marilyn Gardiner

    There’s nothing shameful about having lots of work in progress “WIPs”. Usually it means they’re waiting for something: a new idea, just the right bead(s), findings, or even a new home. I’ve learned to keep all the pieces/possible beads for each one together in a large zipper freezer bag–and add notes or sketches about what I was thinking. That saves time when I look at it the next time. I like having these bags to flip through when I’m wondering what I’ll work on next.
    PS These bags fit nicely, upright, into cardboard file boxes…

    1. Anne Marie

      Thanks for the tips Marilyn! I’m not really ashamed, but just have an awful lot of class samples to deal with. I do like your idea of the zipper freezer bags though. Right now, I’m keeping them in those plastic photo boxes. However, they’re getting out of hand.

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