Open Bezel Me!

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Open Bezel Me!

This will resinate for you mixed-media folks … Bezels – Open and Closed

s63549 Open Bezel / Frame - Large Circle Beaded Pendant - Antiqued Copper
s63553 Open Bezel / Frame - Small Hexagon Pendant - Bright Gold Plated
s63557 Open Bezel / Frame - Mini Triangle Pendant - Antiqued Silver
s63561 Closed Bezel / Tray - Small Triangle Pendant - Antiqued Copper

Found a couple more silicon molds too, for you to pour over, or into.

s63614 Mold - 46mm Pendant Tribal Spiral
s63615 Mold -  Pendant Choices with Holes

Mulberry vs Elderberry?

New Pearl colors from Swarovski. Which do you like better? Mulberry Pink or Elderberry?

s63519 Swarovski Pearl - 6mm Round Pearl (5810) - Crystal Mulberry Pink Pearl (25)
s63520 Swarovski Pearl - 8mm Round Pearl (5810) - Crystal Elderberry Pearl (25)

Speaking of Pearls – Black-Pearl Friday

and all the other Pearl Colors too!

25% off Freshwater Pearls and Fashion (Simulated) Pearls … Nov 29-31.

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Tassel Caps & Other Findings

These are 7mm (Inside Diameter) caps. The idea being that you can use them to make a nice cap on a tassel, be the tassel made of chain, silk, wool, or what-have-you.

s63547 Findings - 10mm Tassel Top Channel End Cap - Antique Gold

We aim to find you the findings you’d like to find, if you could find the findings you can’t find. Like Antiqued headpins,

s63543 Headpins - 2in / 20ga Ball Head - Antiqued Copper (50)
s63544 Headpins - 2in / 20ga Ball Head - Antiqued Silver (50)

Or large claw end connectors, with big pointy teeth, all the better to hang onto your item, my dears. Use these for fur, ribbon, fabric, textiles, wire, chain, or bead weaving.

s63540 Findings - 20mm Ribbon Claw Connector End - Stainless Steel (Pack 6)

Check out all the new stuff here!!!

Can’t find what you are looking for? Feel free to just email us and ask!

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