Easy Gifts: Holiday treats!

Making easy gifts, seems to be one of my holiday traditions! But I’m not happy, unless I’m rushing to make something, at the last minute. I do make more complicated gifts, but the easier ones always seem to be my favourites. Why, I wonder?

I don’t really like to work on a production line of wee gifties, yet I admit to doing a little of that, during the holiday season.

I’m a little late getting started this year, but there’s still time to make a handful of easy gifts! So, let’s start talking about what we can accomplish.

Earrings are always appreciated, yet they’re so easy to make. In their simplest form, all you really need are a pair of ear wires, a headpin, or eyepin, jump rings, then a few beads, stones or crystals. Spacers could also be used? Fiddle around with your supplies for a while, thread your accent bead(s), onto the headpin/eyepin, make either a simple, or wrapped loop, then attach to the ear wires with jump rings. You could get more complicated, but really, that’s all you need!! I call it designing, yet it’s so simple, and easy to do!

easy gifts
easy gifts

Swarovski’s are always my go-to product, for simple earrings. The sparkles pair nicely with the season, but for a calmer look, check out the pearls (all pearls are still on sale, until the end of the day today).

Next up for easy gifts, are stretchy bracelets! Grab some elastic, thread on the beads, tie a Surgeon’s knot, then add a dab of G.S. Hypo-Cement (there are other choices, but this is the one that I use). Done, and in under 15 minutes, so plenty of time to make an armload (or several of them)! I’m rather fond of semi-precious bracelets, but other beads could be used as well! I’ve even seen some cute, little, skinny bracelets, made out of Miyuki Delicas.

easy gifts
easy gifts

If you’re an Ice Resin, Artist’s Cement, or even Quick Cure Clay person, then it wouldn’t be hard to whip up some quickie gifts! If you’d like to learn, I do have a resin class, coming up next Sunday (December 8th), then at the end of the day, you’ll have a handful of presents ready, and waiting for your big day!!! It’s one of my favourite techniques, so I’ll be working right along with you, designing a present or two. Think of it as either gentle encouragement, or enforced creativity! It doesn’t matter, because it will be fun!

easy gifts

Also, please check out the rest of our December classes, for temptation, combined with a whole lot of inspiration!

What about multi-strand bracelets, made entirely out of chain? I’ve never made one, but how hard could they be? Grab a clasp with multiple loops (like this one), or a large ring, with a lobster clasp, cut a few lengths of chain, the attach them to the clasp with jump rings. Honest to goodness, that’s all it takes!!

Or, I know, how about stringing either a necklace, or bracelet? How hard can that be? I bet that you already have most of the supplies on hand!!

BeadFX also has some glass cabochon/metal base sets, that are incredibly easy to use. If you want to make unique, one-of-a-kind pendants, all you need is a laser printed image (I go to Staples for mine), or some decorative paper, Diamond Glaze, scissors, and a little drying time. Easy, peasy!! If Dwyn stops hogging the Diamond Glaze, I’ll have samples to show you soon! Warning! We might be “Out of Stock” on the Diamond Glaze right now, but don’t worry, more is on order!!

When you need to jumpstart your creativity, take a look at our BeadFX “Inspirations” page! Lot’s of ideas, for those of you looking for a little guidance.

There’s so much more that I could tell you, but never enough time! We must start working on our easy gifts, so they will be ready for all of our holiday needs! One more thing, if you have an idea that you would like to share, please leave a comment for all to enjoy!!

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