where did December go? (it’s 20% off?)

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Ack – we’re just a week away from Christmas, I have NO idea where December went. I swear, I thought there was two more weeks to go before the 25th. The weather can’t make up it’s mind, nearly everyone is fighting off a cold or stomach bug, and … well – panic and chaos all around. Tis the season. My toque is off to those of you who are organized and all ready to go. Or it would be, if I could find it.

So, in the spirit of something or other – we are just putting the beads on sale this week. And when I say “Beads,” I mean the “category” of beads, vs the other categories like Seedbeads, Crystals, Findings, Stringing, Gems & Stones, Supplies, and Tools.

But, here’s the catch. I need your help.

I am struggling to figure out the best way to organize the beads so that you all can find what you are looking for, easily and quickly. Some people, I know, have a very sophisticated level of knowledge of bead names, and some … are enthusiastic beginners and if it has a hole, it’s a bead.

And in some cases, I have just forgotten what people don’t know about beads, and so, how to find them.

So we have a little survey here – I really need your feedback about organizing beads, and I welcome your comments.

For instance – the past few years have seen an influx of smallish shaped beads designed to fit together in bead embroidery and patterns, many with multiple holes … Someone just pointed out to me that we have O beads in the section labeled “Shaped 2-Hole Bead Buffet” – but they do not have two holes. And upon investigation – we have 13 sub-categories of beads with only one hole in the “2-Hole” category! Yikes!

I can pull them out and put them in their own category – but calling it “One Hole Shaped Beads” seems silly. They are all shaped. So that’s me being super literal.

Or, I can change the name to “Czech Shaped Beads.”

But, they aren’t all Czech beads – the Japanese Miyuki Fringe Drops, Long Drops, and Magatamas are in there too. And have been around much longer than these shaped beads. So is it “Shaped Beads?”

And should the petals be with the shaped beads, by themselves, or in with the flowers?

And should they all be over with the seed beads? Seed beads is what they get used with – but many are much larger.

And does the number of holes come to top of mind when you are looking for a bead? If you have come to a fork in the road, and you have to choose left or right, are you looking for a sign post that says how many holes the beads down this road have?

So, I have been going around in circles. And yes, looking at other bead sites (gasp! Sacrilege!)

Do you shop for Par Puca or Czechmate? Do you start with the pattern and look for the beads, or like the beads and figure out what to do with them after? (My approach.)

And Daggers? Where should the daggers go? (I love the daggers. Why does nobody like daggers any more?)

Bugles? With the seedbeads? That’s the traditional place for them! But does it make sense?

It’s all giving me a massive headache.

So – please – take this survey – 10 questions – and lots of opportunity to put in your own comments. I’ve tried to keep it short, but help me out here. Pleeeeease. Anything you want to fire at me, I’m listening.

And while you are browsing around the site, thinking about how best to organize it – you can snag 20% off the beads. 😉

Opening between Christmas and New Year’s

As a result of our survey – We will be open between Christmas and New Years on the Friday and Saturday ONLY – December 27 and 28th. And thank you to everyone who commented and said – “you all deserve a week off to enjoy with your families!”

From Last Week

These very cool beaded-rope end caps – we featured them last week and you’ve been phoning and emailing and saying – hey – add some of those to my order! It’s exciting to see something new in findings, or a new way to use an existing finding. And your hard work deserves a nice finish!

s63604 Ends -  Joy Glue-in Beaded-Rope Cap - Antique Gold
s63602 Ends -  Joy Glue-in Beaded-Rope Cap - Antiqued Silver
s63603 Ends -  Joy Glue-in Beaded-Rope Cap - Antiqued Copper
s63605 Ends -  Joy Glue-in Beaded-Rope Cap - Brass Oxide

Fabulous, eh? Are you inspired?

Can’t find what you are looking for? Feel free to just email us and ask!

Gift Certificates – always a great gift.

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