Itching for Stitching!

I’m itching for stitching, but that’s not a lie! Luckily my elbow feels pretty good now. I’m still putting weight on it gingerly, but stitching is no longer out of the question.

However, I think that my get up and go, got up and went! But that will only slow me down, but will not stop me completely. My friend and I, have plans to make some slow stitched needle books, yet all we need is a little time. Of course, I also need to dig out some supplies, but that shouldn’t be a huge problem. I have an infinite variety!!

Further to the itching for stitching plan, is my Freeform Peyote Explorations class, that’s coming up on the 19th of this month. First, I need to gather my supplies for the class (including several sets of notes). But next I have to decide on my own personal project, then I really should start stitching. But I want to start stitching now!!!! Whine, whine, whine, yet more whining…

itching for stitching

Silly me, I don’t even know what I want to stitch yet, but I guess that’s not really a problem.  I made a series of resin donuts, for those that have no idea what they want to stitch. The first set are pretty cool, but I think that I like the second set even better. Other choices will be a bracelet, ring, pendant, stone, or driftwood! I even invite students to try to stump me, by bringing something weird!! Okay, no animal skulls, but most other items are welcome.

itching for stitching
First set of resin donuts
itching for stitching
Second set of resin donuts

But this is all a bit experimental for me, yet I still find it quite exciting! So you see, I’m not teaching a project, but rather sharing the theory, the spirit, or the ‘guts’ of freeform peyote! First you decide on an idea, then you build the skeleton. Next you flesh out the project, and then you let the piece take you wherever it wants you to go. It might be scary for some people, but let me assure you, that it will be both fun, and extremely freeing! So, if you’re looking for something different, then this is the class for you!

By the way, similar products were used on both sets of resin donuts, but the pouring techniques were completely different. I’ll be putting on my mad scientist hat, and taking the second one a whole lot further, so watch this space! Also, you know that I’ll probably need to make a third set, don’t you? A few colours are missing!

I haven’t started in on either my Stitch Meditations, or Bead Journal Project yet, but I’m still trying to decide on loose plans for 2020. I did purchase a set of yummy Ecoline Liquid Watercolours, to prepare more papers for my “Bodacious Beauties: Watercolour/Resin Cuff Bracelets” class. Playing with paint is so much fun, and I’m really looking forward to working with these luscious colours! My workshop samples are fairly simple, yet I’m pleased at the glowing colours!

My class is not until the end of March, yet I’m already dreaming up some new riffs on this technique, with the possible addition of more layering, stitch, and beads. I love my techniques!

Have you pulled yourself out of the post-holiday doldrums yet? I have, but as I said earlier, I’m itching for stitching! How about you?

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