Glittering Chain, Stan’s Hearts

Glittering Chain

Rhinestone chain – also called cup chain, for the little cups that contain the stones. These are quite a bit daintier than I am used to seeing, being only about 3mm across. These would make lovely dangly chain earrings, you would just need a few inches, and you add a loop to the end for hanging with these cupchain end connectors.

s63690 Rhinestone Chain -  Rhinestone CupChain - Tanzanite - Antique Silver (1 inch)
s63692 Rhinestone Chain -  Rhinestone CupChain - Chrysolite Opal - Antique Silver (1 inch)
s63708 Ends -  Rhinestone CupChain End Connector - Antiqued Silver (6)
s63691 Rhinestone Chain -  Rhinestone CupChain - Blush Rose - Antique Silver (1 inch)
s63694 Rhinestone Chain -  Rhinestone CupChain - Aqua - Antique Silver (1 inch)

What I find really quite charming about this chain is the mechanism for holding the stones in the cups – sort of folded over loopy handles, instead of the usual prong method. Looks less – pointy and less snaggy, i.e. hair (earrings!) or hand-knitted alpaca wool scarves (again – earrings!)

Might I suggest, earrings?

Hearts – In Honor of Stan Valentine.

If you’ve been into a store lately, you might have noticed that the national day of chocolate is coming up. Stan Valentine was a renowned chocolatier. Initially trained as a missionary, when the local tribes introduced him to the fruit of the cacao tree – he gave up his chosen profession – moved to Switzerland – and opened Une Petite Chocolate Shoppe. His exquisite truffles became the talk of all Bern. Sadly, his devotion to quality meant that he did a great deal of taste testing. Eventually, his heart gave out, and that is why today we honor his memory with chocolate hearts.

If you’d like to indulge in hearts without the risk of overtaxing your own, you can sample our own hearts.

25% off – from now until Valentines day.

We have stunning Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendants, scintillating Swarovski Crystal Heart Beads, and just plain boring ol’ glass beads. Ha – nothing boring about them! Except the hole – it might be bored.

s54225 Firepolish - 12mm Faceted Fancy Heart - Ruby
27757430020208 Swarovski Bead - 12mm Wild Heart (5743) - Siam
347080-087 Swarovski Pendant - 10mm Heart (Article 6228) - Light Siam Shimmer

Close-out Designer packs

Found a little stash of these packs of Swarovski rhinestones in the back office here. I’d like to say that they are unopened, but I had to open them to photograph them! Some of the colours are quite hard to find now, like the Olivine and the Hyacinth. Anyway – if you want to pick up a lot of stones for a killer price – here you go. We’d just like to find them a good home.

s63714 Swarovski - Rhinestones - pp10 Chaton (Article 1028) (Foiled) - Crystal Copper (1440)
s63715 Swarovski - Rhinestones - pp10 Chaton (Article 1028) (Foiled) - Padparadscha (1440)
s63716 Swarovski - Rhinestones - pp18 Chaton (Article 1028) (Foiled) - Olivine (1440)
s63717 Swarovski - Rhinestones - pp18 Chaton (Article 1028) (Foiled) - Hyacinth (1440)

Changes on the Website

Hooboy – I’ve been doing the website equivalent of weeding and digging up plants and installing a water fountain. Check out the seriously re-invented Swarovski Pendants section . Now, instead of a few here and a few there, grouped by article number, they are in broad categories, and you can use the filters if you know exactly what you are looking for. Otherwise, you can be inspired by all the lovelies side-by-side.

I have sorted them out as Classic Focals – which are timeless and traditional (and lean heavily to round and oval). The Drop Pendants are anything remotely dangly, the Hearts – well, I think you can figure that out, and the Signature Shapes are those styles that are uniquely Swarovski. And the Rivoli pendant drops would have gone in with the Classic Focals, except at 6, 8, and 12mm – not so focal-ish for me – but quite possibly for you.

More Resources and Ideas

Superbowl is coming up – many of you aren’t sporty, but some of you are. And you might have sporty friends. They might like a quick bracelet in their team colours! Don’t know what their team colors are? Check this out! A lot of these colorways are intended to appeal to a more masculine audience – so if you are also looking to make something for a dude – the color ideas here might help. 😉


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