January 2020 Bead Mat Update: Bluesy news!

My January 2020 bead mat update, is a work in progress! Also, I forgot to photograph some of my pieces on a bead mat, but that doesn’t worry me one little bit!

My Explorations in Freeform Peyote class ran last weekend, and this is the project that I worked on. Yes, another stone, but with a different colour scheme, and I’m beading again!!! My arm was a little achy the next day, but I managed to bead, while holding a stone in the palm of my hand. Quite a feat, but then who doesn’t want to bead, holding a weighty, inanimate object in your hand? LOL!

january 2020 bead mat update
Tons more freeform peyote beading to be done!

I was short on students, but we had a lot of fun! It’s always fulfilling to turn someone on to a new technique! Well, especially if it turns out that they actually like it!!

Next on the January 2020 bead mat update are some resin pieces that I’ve been playing around with. I’ve been reluctant to work on resin bangles, mainly because I didn’t think that I’d like making them, but it turns out that I do. The other reason, was that I didn’t have any quality bangle molds to use, but as you see, I’ve taken care of that problem. No, BeadFX does not carry them (yet), but I did manage to order some quality ones from littlewindows.com in the U.S. If, and when I have a source for reasonably priced, quality bangle molds, then I will offer a class, but not before then. Meanwhile, I’ll be playing around with my set of round, oval, square, and rectangular molds. But, so far I’ve only played with the first two. More fun to come!

january 2020 bead mat update
To show you the detail!
january 2020 bead mat update
Both the sand, and mica powders were different colours, but it really doesn’t show here!

I am running a private, resin bangle class this Friday, but my student has already purchased her own set of molds. She’s almost as obsessive as I am. Creativity will run rampant, and we’re going to have a ton of fun!

I layered, and constructed the bangles with two separate resin pours (over a couple of days). The transparent blue first, next a layer of fine sand, then resin mixed with mica powder. I love the effect!  What you don’t see, is the need for a slight doming layer on the bottom of the bangles. Not being an expert at this, I had to sand off the rough and uneven parts (a tedious task), and that left the bottom smooth, but a little on the dull side. More resin will fix it (or more sanding, with finer and finer sandpaper grits, but I’m too lazy)!

This is how I used my leftover mica-mixed resin! I just couldn’t let it go to waste!

No Stitch Meditations lately, but I do plan to make a slow, or Boro stitched needle case. I met with a friend last week, and we drafted our prototype on paper. Or should I say, I provided the size, a few suggestions, and she took out her scalpel, then measured, and sliced the paper. She’s way more precise than I am, but somehow, we do get along!

This is the end of my January 2020 bead mat update, but not the end of my projects! I will continue beading my stone, work on several more resin bangles this Friday, then start on the needle case this weekend. What are you working on this week?

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