Big Ol’ Big Hole Stone Beads

Big Hole Stone Beads

Yes – big hole beads – takes up to 2mm leather or other type cord. More design possibilities. Shamballa bracelets, wrapped, wire, cord – yep – there are times when you need a bigger hole.

s63724 Stone Beads - 8mm Big Hole Round - Green Aventurine (strand)
s63723 Stone Beads - 8mm Big Hole Round - Black Gold Amazonite (strand)
s63725 Stone Beads - 8mm Big Hole Round - Golden Obsidian (strand)
s63726 Stone Beads - 8mm Big Hole Round - Matte Red Creek Jasper (strand)


Big spools baby – 300 yards – 274 meters. That’s three times the length of a football field.

s63733 Thread - .006in Fireline - Braided Bead Thread - Black (Big Spool)
s63734 Thread - .008in Fireline - Braided Bead Thread - Black (Big Spool)

Feeling Gimpy?

s63735 Findings - Medium French Wire - Rose Gold (Pack)

Gimp – not a condition that describes legs after that ill-fated plan to hike up the mountain – but the tightly coiled wire – also called French Wire – that you slip over the thread at the end of the necklace, before you add the clasp. It protects the thread from abrasion, and makes for a nice looking finish.

Hearts – Santa & the Valentines

Once upon a time, there was a lovely couple who met and fell in love at a chocolate-making class. However, their affection for each other was so passionate that the chocolate kept melting in their hands as they tried to make dark-chocolate ganache-filled truffles with a hint of Grand Marnier. Frustrated with their attempts – they took a vacation to the Arctic to see the northern lights. As they stood, holding hands under the flaming green and red sky – they realized – their hands were cold.

So they packed up their chocolate, their collection of garden gnomes, and their assorted cats, and moved to the north pole. Sam and Anita Valentine now live next door to the Clauses. Their cats chase the reindeer, the garden gnomes confuse the heck out of the elves, and they drop off their chocolate samples to Mr and Mrs Claus – which is why they are so jolly and … truffle-shaped. 😉

25% off – from now until Valentines day.

True love never melts. We have stunning Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendants, scintillating Swarovski Crystal Heart Beads, and just delightful glass beads. All of which are guaranteed to not melt in your hands.

s54225 Firepolish - 12mm Faceted Fancy Heart - Ruby
27757430020208 Swarovski Bead - 12mm Wild Heart (5743) - Siam
347080-087 Swarovski Pendant - 10mm Heart (Article 6228) - Light Siam Shimmer


Speaking of meeting people – we will be playing host to Bloom’s “Taste of Lampworking” class. Bloom is for 50+ folks that want to meet others and get out and do things. They host events where you can get out and meet others, chat, do something new, and generally fulfill your promise to yourself to get out more. If this sounds like something for you – check out their website!

Survey sez …

We have a short, short survey for you about your plans for this year, creatively speaking. Keep your answers coming – it’s all good stuff! Please take a few seconds to let us know whether you are planning on building your current skills or learn something new, or just use up the stuff you have!

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