Random Thoughts and Beauty Shots!

Why random thoughts and beauty shots? I didn’t have anything else planned, but thought that you might be interested, in everything else that I’ve been working on.

First, the freeform peyote stone, I started on January 19th, in my Freeform Peyote Explorations workshop. I beaded like crazy, and am happy to have it finished. But I confess that it did become quite the obsession! Isn’t that always the case? You don’t work on anything for ages (due to broken elbow, of course), then overdo just a little. No pain anymore, but my eyes took quite the workout!

random thoughts and beauty shots
random thoughts and beauty shots

I’m happy with the results, despite the fact that it’s not really in my favourite colour scheme. But, it is quite rich looking, so I’m satisfied! When will I start another stone, you say? Well, probably not too soon, because I have some hand stitching, resining, and beading to work on first!

Next up on my random thoughts and beauty shots post, is a little experimental (for me) work in Ice Resin. Bracelets first, then I’ll talk about the rest.

random thoughts and beauty shots

The secret to pouring Ice Resin in a bracelet mold, is to pour many thin layers, to allow any bubbles to escape. But did I do that? No of course I did not! Hindsight is wonderful!! I actually did pour two layers, but the first layer was the thickest, and I got some whopping huge bubbles in the square bracelet. Fixable with sanding, and more resin, but that’s a pain!! Too many air spaces, left by my cramming too much ribbon yarn, into the bracelet mold!! The acrylic yarn, obviously stopped the resin from flowing into all the nooks and crannies. But the colour is luscious, so I will try again!

I had more success with the faceted mold (less bubbles), but in that one I used a few too many microbeads (aka, Resin Inclusions), before adding the fine yarn. The resin did flow properly, but I believe the micro beads left too many air spaces, so fine bubbles were formed. Thinner layers are definitely in order!

Playing around with colourants, then mixing up different combinations, has become another obsession. In addition, I finally tried out the Susan Lenart Kazmer Industrial mold set, that fits with some of the SLK Industrial bezels (Ranger Ink) that we sell at BeadFX. I’m so happy, I could just spit!!! Don’t you just love the satin finish, and the marble-like texture? I do!!! All I need now, for a totally unique piece of jewelry, is a little dab of glue (probably E6000), or another fine layer of clear Ice Resin, and some beads, or chain.

random thoughts and beauty shots

Do you see the shiny face cabochon, and the donut? I used the exact same mixture as I used on the other pieces, but the only difference was that the inside of the mold was shiny. Happy, happy, happy!!

I used leftover resin on the other two donuts, and love the fact that nothing ever goes to waste!

My random thoughts and beauty shots post is finished, but my work is far from done. I will experiment a little more, then plan a couple of new resin classes (you can find my level I resin class here) for later in the year. Is this something that would interest you?

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