Sweetness and Light: An ode to the heart!

Sweetness and light, is probably the best way to describe Valentine’s Day! But is it?

What do you know about Valentine’s Day, and do you celebrate it? I have many sweethearts in my life, but none of them are romantic. Does that make me a Valentine’s scrooge of sorts? Probably, but if it does, I’ll just shrug it off, and continue to live my singular life!

I have one website for you to visit for fun facts, then another one for myths. All very interesting, but is that all there is? No, the greeting card companies did not invent Valentine’s Day, but they certainly were happy to jump on the bandwagon!!

I do believe in hearts though, but you could probably guess that, by the ones I’ve made in the past. None of these hearts are recent, but I love them just the same. Do you think that I’m due to make one or two more?

Free motion machine stitch, as well as hand, and bead embroidery! This is one of my favourites, includes garment district scraps, new and recycled fabrics, vintage doilies and lace, but has never been finished. It was intended to be part of a larger piece, but that just hasn’t happened yet.

sweetness and light
Yep! That is a stain on the doily!!

My little, bead embroidered heart doll! An experiment of sorts, but still looks pretty cute!

sweetness and light

I know this looks like a heart, but it’s really a leaf! In the fall of 2013, I collected 12 leaves, traced them onto paper, then bead embroidered them in 2014. They were my Bead Journal Project pieces for that year.

sweetness and light
I even made the cabochon!

I think that I started this heart in one of my “Beading Without a Net”, intuitive beading workshops (not on the schedule, right now). Again, one of my favourites, but did you notice the focal? That’s leftover acrylic paint, from the bottom of a mixing cup, when I was experimenting with ‘dirty pours’ for jewelry. Nothing ever goes to waste in mixed media, but you certainly use up all of your discretionary space, with all the stash, crap, and supplies!

sweetness and light
It’s all about time!

Back at the ranch, or should I say BeadFX, I spotted our photocopy repair guy, aimlessly wandering around the Swarovski section. But this was before I even took my coat off, and started my day!! He was looking for a heart that he could put on a keychain, as a Valentine’s gift for his sweetheart. I explained that I didn’t feel that Swarovski hearts would be the best idea, for something knocking about in a purse, but he couldn’t be convinced. So, I fixed him up with a nice, big, sparkly heart, then attached an antique gold bail, and he immediately tried it on his keychain. But it was still lovely to see all that sweetness and light, at the very beginning of my day!

Did you know that all hearts (except consignment, but including Swarovski) are on sale, for 25% off, until February 14th? You could buy one for yourself, or even hint that someone else should.

Do you have any special plans for Valentine’s Day? If so, I wish you a day full of love, food, cards, jewelry, chocolates, and flowers, but if your day is not all sweetness and light, do plan to treat yourself to some chocolate! That’s been proven to fix all sorts of evils!!

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