When the moon hits your eye …

Like a big pizza pie, that’s Amore

When you’re down by the sea and an eel bites your knee, that’s a moray

If a dolphin comes by and smacks you in the eye, then it’s for play.
s63944 Finding - Bead Cap -  Dolphin - Vermeil s63945 Finding - Bead Cap -  Dolphin - Sterling
When it is sterling and then gold, layered up to be bold, that’s a vermeil
For a nautical feel, theres a thing with a wheel, and an-chor aweigh
s63943 Finding - Bead Cap -  Seafaring - Sterling s63942 Finding - Bead Cap -  Seafaring - Vermeil
s63956 Charm -  Anchor - Sterling Silver  
If a sparrow flies by and he poops in your eye, that’s not ok
s63946 Finding - Bead Cap -  Sparrow in Flight - Vermeil s63947 Finding - Bead Cap -  Sparrow in Flight - Sterling
If a unicorn appears and he snorts and he rears, then it is a fey
s63918 Finding - Bead Cap -  Unicorn Cap - Vermeil s63925 Finding - Bead Cap -  Unicorn Cap - Sterling Silver
If a butterfly lands down on one of your hands, it’s a good day
s63926 Metal Bead -  Butterfly Wings - Sterling Silver s63932 Metal Bead -  Butterfly Wings - Vermeil
If some angels drop in on the head of a pin, that’s a ballet
s63931 Metal Bead -  Angel Wings - Sterling Silver s63933 Metal Bead -  Angel Wings - Vermeil
If there’s a bug in your bed with feelers growing out of his head, that’s antennae
s63934 Finding - Bead Cap -  Antennae Cap - Sterling Silver s63935 Finding - Bead Cap -  Antennae Cap - Vermeil
If a dragonfly zooms and it swoops and it looms, it’s a summer day
s63936 Metal Bead -  Dragonfly Wings - Vermeil s63937 Metal Bead -  Dragonfly Wings - Sterling Silver
s63940 Finding - Bead Cap -  Dragonfly Leaf - Sterling Silver s63941 Finding - Bead Cap -  Dragonfly Leaf - Vermeil
If there’s a deer on the lawn and it isn’t a fawn, it’s a buck, eh?
s63948 Findings - Earring Hooks -  Antler Hooks - Vermeil (Pair) s63949 Findings - Earring Hooks -  Antler Hooks - Sterling (Pair)
s63929 Finding - Bead Cap -  Antler Cap - Sterling Silver s63930 Finding - Bead Cap -  Antler Cap - Vermeil
If a cat’s hanging ’round with no home to be found, it’s a stray-ay.
s63950 Findings - Earring - Studs -  Kitty - Vermeil (Pair) s63951 Findings - Earring - Studs -  Kitty - Sterling Silver (Pair)
If your charms include wings then it’s one of those things, you can fly away.
s63955 Finding - Bead Cap - Small Butterfly Wing Single - Sterling Silver  
When you’ve had enough, of this weird rhyming stuff, that’s “no more, eh?”
If these are your thing and they make your heart sing, that’s Amoracast!

New findings from Amoracast – caps and wings and an interesting bead cap / fitting / bail thingy that fits over the bead and is different on each side. Whimsical and fun and designed to work together. Put the bug antennae with the dragonfly wings, or pair the cat ears with the angel wings! These are dainty and delightful.

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s54225 Firepolish - 12mm Faceted Fancy Heart - Ruby
27757430020208 Swarovski Bead - 12mm Wild Heart (5743) - Siam
347080-087 Swarovski Pendant - 10mm Heart (Article 6228) - Light Siam Shimmer

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