February 2020 Bead Mat Update: Where did the beads go?

My February 2020 bead mat update is more than a little different! But don’t panic yet, because the beads, in the BeadFX coffers, are safe!!

I must confess, that I’ve been more than a little pre-occupied these days, but that’s because of my March schedule. It’s more than a little full!! As it’s a leap year, I’m also lumping February 29th, in with March. So, you see here’s my sad tale of woe.


I’m teaching my Needle felted Landscape class on February 29th, then Resin on March 1st.

february 2020 bead mat update
february 2020 bead mat update
february 2020 bead mat update
february 2020 bead mat update
february 2020 bead mat update
february 2020 bead mat update

I’m taking my show on the road, mid-March, then teaching three different classes, plus one presentation, in three consecutive days (14th, 15th, and 16th). Two of the workshops are bead/mixed media related, but the third is purely fibre (Out of the Box Fibre Artists). In the past, I actually taught fibre classes, before even considering working with beads! Shocking, I know!

Tea dyed sheeting, to use as backings for student pieces, in my fibre class. More to be dipped!

Definitely needs ironing!

Finally, I’m teaching my new “Bodacious Beauties” Watercolour and Resin bangle class, on March 28th

What that means, is that I’m teaching six different classes, plus giving one presentation, during the space of one month. I’ll be exhausted, but it’s all good! Fingers crossed that the weather cooperates, so that I’ll be able to drive my car, to cart around all my stuff!

Next up on my February 2020 bead mat update – I’ve been playing with polymer clay, but only to make faces for my Ottawa, beaded art doll class. These lovelies are ready, and waiting to be baked!

I needed to make bodies, to go with the faces, so I bought some lovely wool felt from Monika at The Olive Sparrow, who just happens to have a studio, within walking distance of BeadFX.  Her felt is 100 % wool, and simply luscious!

That was a lot of cutting!

If that wasn’t enough, how about these little quarter inch pieces, that I cut out of the leftover scraps of felt? I do have some ideas, but what would you do with them? I originally threw them in the garbage, but then pulled them out, because they looked so delicious!

By the way, I will have more faces than I know what to do with, but it never hurts to have a stash!

To top it all off, doesn’t that naughty Monika, show me the saris that she found at Value Village (local thrift shop). I’m not telling, but I wonder who else is now the proud owner of more saris?


Do you know what these are? Actually, wool dryer balls, but I plan on giving them a new life as something else. Any guesses? Beads may be involved!

Made by one of Monika’s customers!

I’m excited to say that I finished the 2019 Stitch Meditation scroll, that I’ve been working on. It ended up 7 inches wide, and 7.91 feet long!! Here are the last three sections. I’ve asked Dwyn if she’ll help me film the piece in its entirety, as it’s impossible to photograph in one piece!

Eco-print of leaves, on paper!

That’s it for my February 2020 bead mat update, but keep tuned, because I have many more tales to tell. But first, I need to bake some faces, and stuff some bodies (not my favourite task)!


    1. Anne Marie

      Thanks Monika! I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do with those little bits, but I expect they will need to age gracefully, until inspiration strikes! I’ve tucked them away in a chocolate tin, so they’re not taking up much space……As for the scroll, I’ll be sure to arrange a showing soon!

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