Play is Good: But beading is even better!

Play is good, especially when you’re teaching a group of very enthusiastic students!

I love teaching, but that’s not all, I also love my enthusiastic students!! It’s no secret, that my interests are quite varied, but this month seems to be covering it all. I taught my Needle felted Landscape Pendant class on the 29th, but then I turned around and taught a Resin class the very next day! After working all week, I should be exhausted, but strangely enough, I’m not!

When you gather together a group of students, you never really know what to expect, but I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised. Last weekend was no exception! Dang, those people were creative!!

I often hear words such as “I’m not creative”, or “I’m not very good with colours”, or “I’m not intuitive”. Ptooie to that, I say!

Every single, person has something to offer, but they need to give themselves permission to give up control, let loose, and get a little crazy!! That’s why play is good! But even better, if you’re not being judged, you can revert back to your inner child. Dig out your crayons, use every colour in the box, scribble outside of the lines, then I dare you not to listen to your inner critic! Ptooie to him/her as well!!

Student work from my Saturday, needle felting class:

play is good
play is good
play is good

My demo piece!

play is good

Student work from my Sunday, resin class:

My pieces.

play is good
My demo pieces!

I’m teaching three out-of-town classes, mid-month, and giving one lecture. Sure, I’ll be a busy girl, but I’m loving it! I’m teaching an experimental fibre collage class, then giving a lecture to the Out-of-the-Box Fibre Arts group. I know, it’s not beading, but fibre has always been my first love. Beading came much later!

I’m teaching needle felting, then my Beaded Art Doll workshop. Busy, busy, busy!!!

Marg, and her BeadFX bus, returned from Tucson, with loads of goodies! Pearls were released last week, but even though I don’t really need any, I just couldn’t resist! Yes, some are already gone, but there’s still more for the picking. I promise that I didn’t buy them all!!

I’m trying very hard to convince everyone that play is good, but some students are much harder to crack. But I swear, that I’ll keep at it, and make artists out of all of you one day!! Bwaa, haa, haa!!!

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