Mixed Media Mess: What a dilemma!

BeadFX Blog Post – March 11th, 2020 – Anne Marie Desaulniers

Mixed media mess, seems to be the story of my life, right now! Working with multiple supplies, stash, and techniques take money, time, and space, but it’s so satisfying!

I’m not sure who hardwired my brain, but it definitely leans towards the unconventional! Is that a good thing? I like to think so, but some might have other ideas. I decided long ago, that it simply doesn’t matter, because I’m just happy to be me!

mixed media mess

But I must confess, that I really haven’t been very creative lately, but that’s only because I’ve been getting ready for an out-of-town jaunt. It will soon be a distant memory, so I’ll soon be able to get back on track. Oh, I have ideas, but that shouldn’t surprise you!

I thought about making this blog post word heavy, but instead I will make it photo heavy. You’ve probably seen many of these photos in earlier blog posts, but perhaps not combined the exact same way. I do an awful lot of stuff!!! All of that stuff, requires a diverse selection of supplies, so is it any wonder that I’m lacking space? Okay, I do have mental space, but it’s the physical space that I’m talking about. I know that I need to purge my stash, but not just yet!!

To wrap, or bead, that is the question?
Jewelry, clothing, talismans, handmade books, etc.
mixed media mess
mixed media mess

Mixed media mess, prevails!

mixed media mess
mixed media mess

This is what Wikipedia has to say about mixed media!

Some of my fabric stash, will be used in an upcoming workshop (sorry, not at BeadFX), but I refuse to part with my beads. Okay, I’m actually willing to part with some of the beads, when I hold classes, but that’s just a very small percentage of the hidden stash! It’s like an iceberg! You never know how large it is, until you peek below the surface

Paints, and pens dry up, but you do need to open the containers, to determine if they need to go. Easy, but I need to schedule time? April would be a good month, then it’s off the “to do” list for at least another year. Yeah! I feel less stressed, already!

Enough about my mixed media mess for now, because I really do need to focus on doing, instead of just writing! How do you handle your supplies? Do you control them, or do they control you?

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