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Quantum Pairs and Singularities

Today, we delve into the wonders of particle physics and cosmology and bring you …

Quantum Pairs … And Singularly Beautiful One-Of-A-Kind pendants. 😉


s64134 OOAK Stone Pendant - 41mm Rectangle Pair - Sodalite (Pair)s64146 OOAK Stone Pendant - 46mm Rectangle - Orange Sodalite


I am So-da-lited to show you these. Sodalite and Orange Sodalite pendants

s64148 OOAK Stone Pendant - 55mm Long Shield - Orange Sodalites64147 OOAK Stone Pendant - 61mm Keystone - Orange Sodalite

s64137 OOAK Stone Pendant - 36mm Rectangle Pair - Sodalite (Pair)s64135 OOAK Stone Pendant - 41mm Rectangle Pair - Sodalite (Pair)


Or, perhaps the occasional day of nice weather is making you think of spring, and greener times ahead. For you, we have some Chrysocolla.

s64138 OOAK Stone Pendant - 30mm Freeform  - Chrysocolla (Pair)s64139 OOAK Stone Pendant - 34mm Freeform  - Chrysocolla (Pair)

s64132 OOAK Stone Pendant - 26mm Tear Drop Pair - Chrysocolla (Pair)s64131 OOAK Stone Pendant - 22mm Rectangle - Chrysocolla (Pair)


And, I wonder, if you are feeling strong, then you might want some Mighty Amazon-ite, woman. (Apologies to those differently gendered.)


s64153 OOAK Stone Pendant - 16x37mm Rectangle - Amazonites64152 OOAK Stone Pendant - 53mm Long Shield - Amazonite

s64156 OOAK Stone Pendant - 44mm Freeform  - Amazonites64155 OOAK Stone Pendant - 46mm Long Shield - Amazonite

And hopefully, your precautions and social distancing are working, you can remain positive and test negative, and are generally in the pink, in which case, you might like some Rhodonite. If you are working from home, it could be stay-off-the-road-onite. 😛


s64141 OOAK Stone Pendant - 20mm Freeform - Rhodonite (Pair)s64140 OOAK Stone Pendant - 27mm Rectangle - Rhodonite (Pair)

s64142 OOAK Stone Pendant - 26mm Freeform - Rhodonite (Pair)s64143 OOAK Stone Pendant - 37mm Freeform - Rhodonite (Pair)

And here’s hope that you don’t have to wait to get results from the Lab-radorite.


s64151 OOAK Stone Pendant - 40mm Tear Drop - Labradorites64150 OOAK Stone Pendant - 39mm Freeform - Labradorite


I apologize if some of those puns hit too close to home, but we have to laugh at ourselves. Remember to wash your hands like you just ate a bag of cheezies and are now going to string some white pearls on silk, and social distance like you have a hockey stick – if you can hit them, they are too close. 😉


Stay home and Bead! Remember, 15% off, so you might want to see what you need! As always – the new stuff is all here!



COVID-19 – This Week

We are doing our best to keep everyone safe.

We are closed to the public now, and online only. We are picking, packing and shipping Monday through Thursday. Our back office staff are social distancing, hand washing, and sanitizing like champions.

Phones will be answered Monday through Thursday. Emails are still being answered 7 days a week. If you need answers about does “this” go with “that,” just ask and we will try to help.

We are still shipping, but for some items we are waiting for our stock to arrive, and may be delayed.

And thank you for all your good wishes. A huge number of you put lovely little notes of support in the “addition info” box when placing an order. Truly – we appreciate every one of them!


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