Bead Meditations: Something to think about!

Bead meditations are a fusion of intuitive bead embroidery, and Stitch Meditations. But that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!!

I get immense satisfaction, from my Stitch Meditations! Yes, I have added a few beads, in the past, but never enough! Could this be a totally new category? Is that enough? Make it so!!

With Stitch Meditations, it’s all about the stitch, and any embellishment will always take a back seat. However, with Bead Meditations, it’s a little bit of fabric, and stitch, but beads add the wow factor. You use a needle, and thread, for both of them. Imagine adding a few Swarovski’s! That would be spectacular!

I decided to expand on last week’s post, then decided to use a few photos, and examples. So, I’ll start with the absolute basics! My demo model is a “Twinchie” (2” x 2”). They could really be, any size, or shape you want!

1 – Cut a 2” x 2” piece of either Lacy’s Stiff Stuff, or Good Felt.

2 – Cut a 2” x 2” piece of fabric (in this case a quilting weight, cotton batik, but any fabric will do).

3 – Using a series of straight stitches (or you could use stab stitches, if you wish), stitch around the edges of the square, then add a focal piece. For this demo piece, it’s a vintage button, but you could also use a new button, an old piece of jewelry, cabochon, natural element, or charm of any type.

4 – Cluster different sized beads, and pearls around your focal element. Trust your instincts! Do not centre your focal! Uneven numbers, of larger beads, are more interesting than even numbers. Asymmetrical, more artistically pleasing than symmetrical!

Do not rip out any stitches, or beads!!

bead meditations

It’s finished, when it tells you that it’s finished! Or, when you feel like stopping!!

What are you going to do with them? Don’t worry about that!What they become is not important, it’s how they make you feel!! They should allow you to focus your energy, on something other than your daily stresses. Stitch them, whenever you need them!!

Two simpler Bead Meditations, that I worked on this week. I particularly like the round one (I used two different fabrics). I hope to make a couple of more complicated ones for next week’s post.

bead meditations
India Ink was used to colour the fabric.
bead meditations
The shell was a last minute inspiration!

I’ve stitched beads on individually, and have also used stacked, boucle/moss, and back stitches. But also think about fringe, and couching! Here’s an on-line resource that I found!

I used a combination of different sized, and a few shapes of Japanese seed beads (but Czech would do as well). Organic freshwater pearls, were used on my first piece, but there’s nothing wrong with adding either Firepolish, or Swarovski crystals. There are no limits! BeadFX carries Toho, and Czech mixes, but also our hand-curated, Auntie Gwen’s mixes. Always a serendipitous mix!

The next two photos have absolutely nothing to do with Bead Meditations! First up, an Inchie (1” x 1” little pieces of art) charm bracelet, and the second is a detail shot from one of my earlier art quilts. But I’ve recently decided that I need to fix the art quilt, so I’m just airing it out, until inspiration strikes!!

Enough about my Bead Meditations! Did any of you accept my stitching challenge last week? If so, are you ready to show photos? Let me know, and I’ll ask Dwyn for a permanent place to show them off!! But please remember, this is not a competition! All levels of stitch, and beads are welcome!!


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