Let’s Talk Bead: Then remember to play!

Let’s talk bead, but you must remember to play! Play is as essential as life, and we have a serious advantage, but we do know how to bead!

Beading, and other hand crafts, are very therapeutic! They help to lower your stress levels, and who doesn’t need to lower those right now? I don’t want to dwell on the elephant in the room, but instead let’s talk bead!

In last week’s blog post I gave you some simple instructions, on how to make a Bead Meditation. Did any of you try this out? If you did, please forward photos to info@beadfx.com, and they will pass the information on to me.  That way I will be able to collect, then showcase them in a future blog post. We love eye candy around here, but we really don’t see enough of it from you!! The BeadFX retail store is closed, but our on-line store remains open. Yes, our hours have changed, we really miss you, and we’re a little short staffed, but we’re ready, and waiting for your orders. We know that you need your supplies!

Here are a couple of my latest Bead Meditations (2″ x 2″ Twinchies). They’re not quite as simple as last week’s, but still include both fibre, and beads. I haven’t completely abandoned my Stitch Meditations, but beading is once again, becoming a large part of my stress reduction, relaxation, and overall mental health.

Freeform peyote beading, and a stone button that I drilled myself!

let's talk bead

Encrusted, intuitive bead embroidery, with a peyote stitch bezel around the cabochon.

let's talk bead

But you can see, there is no way, that I would ever keep them simple!

You have no idea how pleasant it is, to pick your orders, and then dream about what you could possibly making with the supplies. My favourites, are the Czech 10 & 11 hanks, but then who wouldn’t love all of that saturated colour? I mainly work with the Miyuki, and Toho, Japanese seed beads, for my bead embroidery, but you really don’t get the same visual impact! But I do admit, that lots of tubes, lined up and ready to ship, is special as well!! I love all my beads!

Some eye candy, from earlier times, just to tempt you! Some of my Bead Journal Project (BJP) pieces have been included, but then again, I find all beading, and stitching meditative!

let's talk bead
let's talk bead
let's talk bead

My doll Fibrella, is the queen of Fibreland, and some would say, my alter ego! But then again, I’ve been using her as my Avatar for years, so there might be something in that theory. She’s my one, and only doll of this type!

One of my 2018 Stitch Meditations, that included a few beads!

let's talk bead

Thank you for all the lovely notes that you’ve been sending, we really appreciate them! Beads seem to be a lifeline for many of you, but also for us! Without beads, we would be living in our pajamas, watching sappy movies, and snacking constantly. It’s good to know that our let’s talk bead program is working. Otherwise we’d all need to buy pj’s in a larger size! If you buy more beads, you’ll eventually be able to get on our maintenance program, when we return to a normal life. Bwaa, haa, haa!

Instead of counting calories, count beads!

What does let’s talk bead mean to you? Do they talk to you, or do you talk to them? That’s okay, but if they ever start answering you, that might be a bit of a problem. Enjoy your time off, play with your beads, while keeping yourself safe and healthy!

See, even the birds are practicing social distancing!

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