More Cymbals, Big Hole Pearls, STILL 15%, Still Shipping

Are the Cymbal Findings the hottest thing since sliced bread? And what is the deal with sliced bread anyway? (Actually, I looked that up, it was a big deal, as part of the industrial revolution, packaging, branding, mass production and automation. Good article here.)

Well, I think they are pretty cool, because they can make it easier and more fun to work with seed beads and shaped beads. Just like sliced bread makes it easier to make a sandwich.

For the Delicas, and to add to the other Cymbal Delica findings, these new endings. See how inspiring that is?

s61278 Cymbal Finding -  Skaloti II - Delica 11/0 Bead Ending - Gold Plated (2)s61279 Cymbal Finding -  Skaloti II - Delica 11/0 Bead Ending - Antiqued Brass (2)

To go with the superduos, the SuperDuos Cymbal findings , we have these nifty little doo-dads called bead endings, that you can use to make links and dangles and generally add nice little connecting loops where ever your heart desires. And, the multi-row bead endings, which you can easily base a bracelet on. Which is what got me on my current seed bead kick, essentially.

s61321 Cymbal Finding -  Remata - Superduo Bead Ending - Antiqued Brass (6)s64231 Cymbal Finding -  Rozos V - Superduo Bead Ending - Gold Plated (Pair)

And to go with our Ginkos, lots of new Cymbal Ginko findings. Bead Substitutes (metal versions of the bead), bead ends, and nice little earring studs. Love the shape of the ginkos, just couldn’t figure out how to use them, but I think I might give these a try now.

s64205 Cymbal Finding -  Maltas - Ginko Bead Substitute - 24 Kt Gold Plate (6)s64208 Cymbal Finding -  Kastro II - Ginko Bead End - 24 Kt Gold Plate (4)

s64218 Cymbal Finding -  Padanassa - Ginko Ending - Antique Silver (4)s64214 Cymbal Finding -  Alopronia - Ginko Earring - 24 Kt Gold Plate (4)

On a different note

How about some big hole pearls? Freshwater pearls with a biggish hole – 2mm approx. You can thread on leather cord or heavier cord than for the usual pearl sizes.

s64196 Freshwater Pearls - 7.5-8mm Potato Pearl - Big Hole - Bronze Pearl (strand)s64198 Freshwater Pearls - 8.5mm Near Round - Big Hole - Champagne Pearl (strand)

s64197 Freshwater Pearls - 10-10.5mm Potato Pearl - Big Hole - Red Plum Pearl (strand)s64199 Freshwater Pearls - 8.5mm Near Round - Big Hole - Steel Green (strand)

And for those of you want to go tiny, some new size 15/0 Miyuki seeds.

mb15-4203 Japanese Seedbeads - 15/0 Miyuki Seedbeads - Duracoat Galvanized Yellow Gold
mb15-4205 Japanese Seedbeads - 15/0 Miyuki Seedbeads - Duracoat Galvanized Zest

mb15-4208 Japanese Seedbeads - 15/0 Miyuki Seedbeads - Duracoat Galvanized Berrymb15-4216 Japanese Seedbeads - 15/0 Miyuki Seedbeads - Duracoat Galvanized Seafoam

And in the Delicas – we’ve just added the Bright Sterling Plated to our other somewhat exotic metallic Delicas – (the ones we sell in smaller quantities so you don’t have heart failure when you see the price.) 😉 Or so we don’t have heart failure when we order them. Either way.

db0551 Delicas - 11/0 Japanese Cylinders - Bright Sterling Plated (2.5 g)

These are trying and confusing times. Humans vs virus is about as old a story as it gets, but we are fighting this skirmish in a way that is unprecedented.

And we know that “they also serve who stand and wait,” or in our case, stay home and flatten the curve.

Beads might seem frivolous at a time like this, but time is what most of us have a lot of right now. And Beads, and findings and crystals and jewelry making and crafting and creating, yada yada yada, help keep us sane and centered.

And I can say that my own personal social media feeds have filled with an outpouring of creative play, established artists trying new media, new techniques, dusting off old ones and revitalizing them, and coming up with wonderful new items.

So dive into your stash. Pull out those items you meant to finish, take apart the ones you don’t like. Fix, finish, play, experiment, create. Make jewelry, decorate, do fridge magnets, tree ornaments, sun catchers or a tiara. Make the stuff you never had time for, because before you know it, life will speed back up again.

Is Something Missing from your Stash?

15% off – everything*. Beads and crafting and creativty help keep you sane, and if your stash doesn’t have everything you need – we’ve got everything still on sale – 15% – so you can get that critical item.

(*Almost everything. You can see in the shopping cart if it is on sale or not. Some of the manager’s specials are more than 15% off)

Oh, and that manager person is going berserk again.

Said person is rampaging through the store, puttin’ stuff on special left, right and center. With no customers in, it’s a free-for-all of re-organizing. Right now, the earring section looks like a bomb hit. So keep checking those manager specials, particularly in the findings section!

Remember, 15% off, so you might want to see what you need! As always – the new stuff is all here!

COVID-19 – This Week

We are still shipping.

Many of our suppliers and our warehouse have temporarily shut down or have been told to close.  Some are operating on skeleton staff. Some items are taking longer to restock. You can ask us, but generally – we are trying our best to get stuff back in within the constraints of the current situation. Orders are being processed as fast as we can – while staying safe.

We ourselves are on reduced hours: picking, packing and shipping Monday through Thursday. Our back office staff are social distancing, hand-washing, and sanitizing like champions.

Phones are being answered Monday through Thursday. Emails are still being answered 7 days a week. If you need answers about does “this” go with “that,” just ask and we will try to help.

Thank you for all your good wishes. Lots of you put lovely little notes of support in the “additional info” box when placing an order. We appreciate every one of them.

Don’t forget to browse through the Manager Specials – some pretty good deals there!

Don’t forget, our store is closed Good Friday, Why-don’t-I-get-an-adjective Saturday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, and all next week and while we are all still flattening the curve, along with everyone else. Takes the fun out of the long weekend, doesn’t it? But the computers remain loyally at work, ready to take your orders. We will be shipping today (Thursday Apr 9), and starting again next week on Tuesday. I hear the Easter Bunny has been given special dispensation to deliver.


Can’t find what you are looking for? Feel free to just email us and ask!

Gift Certificates – always a great gift.

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