Resin Dreams: What’s that you say?

Resin dreams are a subject that I’m a little reluctant to talk about. It’s definitely mixed media focused, but I realize that not all beaders are interested. It’s not like I want to leave some of my readers out of a post, but I do need to talk about my other passions. Close your eyes, if you’re just not interested!

Resin is something I fell into, just like most of you. I took a class, then decided to explore a little more. With my normal obsessive behaviour, I researched the subject, then decided to develop my own class.

resin dreams

No, I didn’t copy my instructor’s workshop (because that’s a very BAD thing to do), but started to see how I could incorporate mixed media, paper collage, and some of my other interests into a completely different type of workshop. That’s where the fun began!

resin dreams
resin dreams
A bit of an oops, but I’ll never tell!
resin dreams

I won’t call myself an expert, but I do know a fair bit about resin. I believe in lifelong learning, because without that you will get bored, then your work will become stale. So, I continue to research, experiment, and try new things. Haunting social media, finding artists who are stretching the limits, then playing around until I discover my own take on things. If I have leftover resin, and something is laying about the house, then it just might become part of my new direction!! LOL! Anything that’s not locked down, becomes a willing (or not so willing) subject! Bwaa, haa, haa!!!!! It’s a good thing that I don’t have any pets…

On a flat copper disk!
resin dreams

Seriously though, what’s the point of taking art too seriously? Play around, until you find something that satisfies you. The trouble with my resin dreams (and many of my other dreams), is that I get easily bored. Not satisfied with the status quo, I get restless, then go looking for the next best thing. I wonder what that will be this year?

Of course, my Stitch Meditations, and now my Bead Meditations, have kept me quite busy the last couple of years, but this is the year that I’m going to start a few more resin experiments.

I keep promising myself that I will come up with an Intermediate Level, Resin class, but it hasn’t completely gelled as yet. However, if not this year, it will definitely be in 2021! Besides, who knows when we’ll be allowed back into the classroom (but sooner, rather than later, I hope)? Not being psychic, and with the current state of the world, I have absolutely no predictions to share. Nor do I promise that my Intermediate class will include bangle bracelets, because that’s a whole other can of worms!

resin dreams
Huge bubbles in this experiment!
Used as a coating on Quick Cure Clay!
More Quick Cure Clay!

I use Ice Resin in my work, and BeadFX carries it! It’s a fairly simple process, but to get it to work properly, you need to follow a few simple rules.  

It’s a two-part epoxy resin that uses a 1:1 ratio. You will find two bottles in the kit. Carefully measure out Part A (Resin) in a plastic mixing cup, then measure an equal portion of Part B (Hardener). Mix them both together, with a slow, and steady, figure eight motion. Continue with this process for several minutes, until the mixture is completely clear (not cloudy, and no ‘threads’ of unmixed material showing). Then set your timer for 5 minutes. This will allow many of the bubbles, to come up to the surface, then dissipate. After that, you can pour, brush, or spread your resin. There’s a lot more to it, but think of this as the Coles Notes version of Resin 101.

When I talk about resin dreams, I also need to talk to you about inclusions. The sky’s the limit, but you could start out with various types of paper, mica powder (MetalFX), Iced Enamels, glass glitter, mica flakes, natural elements, and other inclusions (you can find the ones that we carry here). BeadFX also has some exciting new products coming in, but I’m not quite sure when they will hit the shelves. I’m positively salivating, and I’m sure that you will be as well (if you’re as obsessive as I am).

I encourage you to think about your own resin dreams. Now’s the time to order the product, take it out of the box, and just start playing. If you have questions, all you need to do is ask! Keep safe, social distance, and remember to wash your hands!

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