Beaders Gotta Bead!

Yes, beaders gotta bead, but in my case, do all sorts of other stuff as well!

Dwyn did razz me about it, in last week’s update, but I confess that she’s not entirely wrong.

I’m happy to see that she introduced the new Creative Art Pigments, so that gave me a chance to mess about! No, I did not buy up all the powders, but I did purchase my fair share. But in my defense, so did Amanda, and I expect that Dwyn has squirreled away a few as well.

I hinted about these products, in last week’s post, then I was excited to be able to play with them last weekend. My intent was to try them out in resin first, then branch out to Quick Cure, Polymer, and Crystal Clays. I’m also thinking that there may be some applications for acrylic paint, collage, scrapbooking, cardmaking, and all sorts of other stuff, but first things first.

I’m not a lampworker, but some of the powders withstand high temperatures, so can be used with glass, and flame!!!! Oh, the possibilities! I posed another question, to Dwyn, but I won’t speak of it until I either have a chance to experiment, or we get a response from the company.

I didn’t spend as much quality time with Ice Resin as I wanted to, because I procrastinated until Sunday afternoon. Then, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with it, so ended up wasting some of my resin (I mixed too much). I only ended up making four pieces, but one was sort of an accident! Can you guess which one?

There are high temp, low temp, colour shift, ferrous (can be shifted about with a strong magnet), and even more. They do seem to be attracting people, because they seem to be flying off the wall!

Don’t ask me which one I used where, because I didn’t write it down. I spotted a colour, or texture that I liked, then opened the little jar, and added to my bezel, or mold. I used too much in some cases. Also, the ferrous one I used (in the fancy Susan Lenart Kazmer Bezel), didn’t move as much as I would have liked. That’s because I didn’t have a strong enough magnet. I will correct that soon, and try again on another day.

By the way, do not open the jars, if there’s any type of draft. You will have sparkly stuff everywhere!!!

I plan to change my tactics when I try this again, because I think that I may have thought of a better way. Perhaps a lighter hand, then you wouldn’t have as many errant, floating flakes in your resin. I think I will try applying a layer of pigment (perhaps with a fine, soft brush), then cover that with a thin coat of resin. When my resin is dry (8-10 hours), I will add another coat of resin, then top up the bezel, or mold.

But then again, beaders gotta bead! For my beady examples, let me introduce my latest Bead Meditations.

beaders gotta bead
beaders gotta bead
beaders gotta bead
beaders gotta bead

I’m having fun working on this series, but I need to put my creative thinking cap on, so I come up with more unique beaded applications. I have more ideas, but that’s something that I’ll still need to work on!

Now, just for fun, and nothing at all to do with beading, or BeadFX, but colourful indeed! In one of my on-line groups, my friend introduced me to this little envelope form. I played around with regular copy paper first, then broke out my precious Citra Solv papers, from several years ago. In case you’re interested in how to make these unique papers, check out the “Artists Pages” on the Citra Solv website.

Yes, beaders gotta bead, and this beader must get back into a regular beading routine, but there’s all that other stuff out there, tempting, and taunting me. What’s a girl to do? Judging by the on-line orders that I’ve been seeing, there are tons of you, taking up the beading gauntlet during our social distancing time. Keep up the good work, and I’ll get back to it eventually.

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