April 2020 Bead Mat Update: I’ll keep on dancing!

My April 2020 bead mat update, is a bit of a mess! Something old, something new, something paper, then a bit of resin.

I dreamed about a freeform peyote project, that had no particular point, no timeline, definitely colourful, but needed to use up some of my leftover beads. This is the start!

april 2020 bead mat update

I reach for this project, when I need a distraction from the stresses of our new normal. But that’s not all! It keeps both my mind, and my hands occupied, while using some of the leftover bits and pieces in my stash. Isn’t that perfect?

There is no end date on this project, yet it’s totally intuitive. It’s a flow of beady consciousness, but also a way for me to chronical this odd, and scary time in our lives. Call it the artist in me! The working title for this piece, is “While the world pauses…I’ll keep on dancing!”.

I’m also considering starting a companion fibre piece, but as that hasn’t started yet, I’ll leave it for another blog post.

Now it’s time to think about my poor, little dancing doll! I’ve ignored her completely, but she’s pretty enough, that I should think about working on her again. Now is not her time, so back into the box she goes! I wonder if she dances in the box?

Next up on my April 2020 beat mat update, is my out-of-the-box stitch meditation! The spiral is made from fabric twine, and the background is Gelli printed (a mono-printing process, on a commercial plate), heavyweight Pellon (interfacing). I learned how to make the fabric twine years ago, from mypoppet.com.au, but then ended up obsessing about it (as I sometimes do). LOL! Here’s the link, and there’s a video at the bottom of their post.

april 2020 bead mat update
Image from mypoppet.com.au

But I certainly can’t leave my paper friends out of this post! I belong to a private Facebook group, where my friends are leading me astray on the paper front. Last week I learned how to make an origami envelope, but of course, I couldn’t stop at just one!

april 2020 bead mat update

Yet that’s not all! Once I figured out how to make them, I had to try out different papers, then smaller, and smaller sizes. These envelopes, were made with 3”, 2”, 1 ½”, and 1” papers!! Yikes! I became so obsessed with these beauties, that I found myself getting up early, to squeeze in just a few more. However, that phase has calmed, because once you’ve made an envelope out of a 1” square, where’s the challenge? Shhh, don’t tell anyone, because my friends are sure to come up with more papery temptations for me!

Here’s a Bead Meditation that I made, using one of my bitty envelopes!

april 2020 bead mat update

I think that I showed you these resin pieces last week, where I used our new Creative Arts Pigments. I haven’t had a chance to pull them out again, but I’ll try to plan some exploratory playtime this weekend.

On the BeadFX front, our retail store is closed, but on-line remains open. Reduced hours/staff, delayed shipments (from our suppliers), and increased volume, makes for a very busy BeadFX team! Seed beads, of all types, are flying out the door, because it seems that an awful lot of you, are getting back to basics. Keep the orders coming, we’re crazy enough to like it!!

My April 2020 bead mat update has come to an end, but I do intend to keep on dancing! Have you started any long-term projects? If so, please share! Bead on, stay safe, and wash your hands!

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