I Need to Bead: You Need to Bead!

I need to bead, and it’s obvious that you need to bead! But please excuse me if I ramble.

We love your support, but that’s not all! We also love that you’re getting back to basics. Our seed beads are literally flying off the walls!! We need to work our fingers to the bone, to keep up, while still harassing our suppliers. Yet it makes us happy, and also keeps us out of trouble!

You might be patching up holes in your bead stash, but I’m guessing that there’s an awful lot of bead weaving, looming, Kumihimo, and other seed bead techniques going on. You’ve been forced to slow down, yet what better way to spend your self isolation time, than meditating, shopping, and creating with little, tiny beads! I’m in heaven, yet I’m oh, so proud of you all!

Yet, stones, crystals, findings, Ice Resin, wire, tools, and other supplies are not being ignored! But seed beads are definitely stealing the show!

I want to show you the different stages of my own project, that I’m calling “While the world pauses…I’ll keep on dancing!”. As I mentioned in last week’s blog post, the idea came to me in a dream. It keeps my hands busy, during these trying times. It’s totally intuitive, there is no end date, it has no purpose, yet has become quite obsessive.

I need to bead
It all started with those turquoise Delicas!

I go to work, come home from work, shop one day/week, then shut out the world on the weekend. Beading, stitching, Instagram, porch drop-off’s, texting, phone contact, and a few select Face book groups, keep me amused. I’m alone, yet I’m not bored, because that would be impossible for me! If my hands get sore, I either go for a walk, cook, take a nap, get out the paints, or pick up a book. Fantasy isolation, for someone like me!! I’m an extrovert, yet seem quite happy living in this quasi-introvert role. Strange times!

Now back to the I need to bead part of this. I’ve been doing a lot of hand stitching in recent months, yet get the urge to start this beading project with no end. Freeform peyote is the name of the game!.

I started with a 4-inch strip of regular peyote (even, odd, who counted?), then simply followed the rows. Distortion happens when you start adding different sizes, and shapes of beads, yet it often produces unexpected results. Some are good, and some are not, but that’s the beauty of freeform, you just go with the flow. But if you don’t like what’s happening, then it’s time to pull out your problem-solving skills.

It’s an exercise in creativity, but not only that, colour theory, problem solving, and balance, also come into play. If you’re interested in learning more, while seeing some jaw-droppingly gorgeous jewelry, then check out the Freeform Peyote Beading group on Facebook.

I need to bead
Now it’s becoming sculptural!
My messy bead mat. Please don’t faint!!

What the heck are you guys doing with all of those seedbeads? Why do you need to bead? Dressing up your PJ’s, and sweats, with fancy jewelry? Building your inventory, or beefing up your shops, and social media? Do what you want, but be happy while you’re doing it!!

I need to bead, and try to make a point of beading, or stitching, every single day. My hope is that you get as much joy, and stress relief out of your seed beads (and any other craft), as I do! Bead on, keep safe, and wash your hands!!

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