Dream a Little Dream!

Dream a little dream is how I want to remember this scary time. I know, it’s not really a dream, yet rather a lesson from the universe, to the world at large. But this craziness must stop!

Enough preaching, now let’s get on to the fun stuff! But how can you have fun during this terrible time, you ask? Well, by using your time wisely, then having something to show, when the world returns to normal, or at least to our new reality. Is that too much to ask?

I think of myself as a realist, but then again, I’m also a dreamer! A strange mix, but a natural for anyone wanting to dream a little dream, in real life.

But what am I dreaming about? My freeform peyote project is ongoing, yet has become quite the obsession. I talked about it in my last two blog posts, here, and here. It’s called “While the world pauses…I’ll keep on dancing!” My latest update.

dream a little dream
Right now, it’s dressing up some driftwood!

Strangely enough, I’m starting to think of it as a flirty, little dress! That could change, as the piece grows longer, but for now I’m happy with that image. I’m not even close to completing this project!

Of course, the siren call of the mighty bead, has been influencing my discretionary spending! Temptation abounds, when you work at a large bead store. I needed various sizes of Japanese seed beads (including Delicas), Firepolish, and other shapes of Czech beads. That’s despite the fact that I already own tons of beads. I was looking for different colours, contrast, and shapes, but that’s not all! My stash needed a BeadFX fix!

But what else am I working on? Bead Meditation “Twinchies”, are my 2” x 2” little pieces of joy! They may be small, but they do fill a necessary role in my life. I’ve been ignoring my Stitch Meditations, yet these little bits, fill in quite nicely. Though not as prolific as I’ve been in past years, I’m happy with my results. Besides, I always need a little in-between project, to keep my hands busy.

dream a little dream
More driftwood! I need the beach!!

What do you think of my stitched stone? I had to come up with a quickie tutorial, for an on-line group, so I decided to show them how to stitch a stone. Some prep work, a lot of sorting through my fabric scraps, a little slow stitch, then the deed was done! I intended to add beads, but this piece didn’t really want them. However, I am tempted to make a very blingy, colourful one next. Keep tuned!

dream a little dream
Speaking of the beach! Guess where I picked up the stone?
But not this year, of course!

I have a couple of other projects in mind, that I hope to make a start on this weekend. One involves recycled denim, and the other, teabags mixed in with a little paint! Only one will include beads (at least for now).

But when I dream a little dream, I dream in colour? What colour are your dreams, and are you using them to colour your down time wisely? Perhaps a bit intrusive, yet inquiring minds are incredibly curious!

We miss you! Keep safe, practice social distancing, and wash your hands!!

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