What Sparks Joy?

What sparks joy when you really give yourself a chance to feel it? Is it a colour, that first spring flower, or the feel of the sun on your face?

How about a new tube of seedbeads, then the look, but not the scent of lilacs (I’m allergic)? I’d vote for all of those things, but also a brand-new pair of scissors, a sharp pencil, the feel of soft rain on my face, and forget-me-knot blue. Then, I couldn’t leave out the smell of bacon, and fresh baked bread. Delicious!

I guess what sparks joy, is not really the question, because it’s different for all of us. It’s amazing, how isolation changes your perspective. You learn to see, and appreciate, exactly what you’re missing. But that’s not all, you start looking forward to the future, instead of taking things for granted, and surviving day-to-day.

For me, joy involves beads, stitch, fibre, paper, and to a certain extent, photography (although I’ve been ignoring it recently). Then, there’s the gift of time, space, and the solitude to create. But that’s not all that difficult, during these trying times. I work at BeadFX, and then I isolate myself on the weekends, to tap into my creative self. I’m an extrovert, yet I have no difficulty shutting out the world, for short periods of time. Crazy, I know! I could go days without speaking to anyone!!

I wish I could say that I’ve been putting my creative time to good use, but instead I’ve been dithering around, and only really working on one intensive project. Oh, I do other bits and pieces, but they’re just a warm up for the main event. Yet, I am thinking, plotting, and dreaming of new projects. I just need to put more of them into production.

Now, I’m going to show you a few things that I’ve been working on, starting with the latest update on my ongoing “Dancing” project. But the mess on my bead board is totally my iPad’s fault! I wanted a simple bowl of soup, yet when I moved the board out of the way, then tried to set up my iPad, it tipped, and beads flew everywhere. But they didn’t just cover the table, and the floor, some of them also managed to make it into my soup!! Blech! However, I do still love this project, and I’m certainly not going to sort out those beads, as it gives a new meaning to bead soup!!

what sparks joy

My Stitch Meditations, have morphed into Bead Meditations, but that’s okay, because here are two of my latest.

The focal was cut out from someone else’s UFO. I just added to it!
what sparks joy
More leftovers, but this time mine!

I purchased these pearls, earlier in the year, yet haven’t even started thinking about what I’m going to do with them. I love the colours, but could they possibly be combined into a single piece? Definitely something to think about, but I must admit that I haven’t considered dressy jewelry lately, because it just doesn’t fit with my current wardrobe (jeans, t-shirts, running pants, pj’s). However, as the world opens up to the new reality, and my wardrobe expands, then I’ll need to spiff up again. But other than that, don’t you just love pearls?

My friend set up an artist Facebook group, to keep a group of us occupied, during isolation time. One prompt was hands, then another was the new Zentangle heart that she created (of course, hers was more Zentangly). I combined the two, added vines, and one of my signature trees, then splashed on some watercolour. It’s an interesting combination, yet I haven’t done much drawing in years, and really know very little about watercolours. The dots above the hand, are my response to an errant drop of paint, that threatened to spoil the whole thing. Well, if you have one dot, why not add a bunch more!! I like to think that it’s creativity, flying out of my fingertips, but some thought that it looked like magic. The piece is not finished, and will probably stay in the sketchbook, but still needs to sit for a short while.

what sparks joy

What sparks joy in me, will always involve wallowing in colour, problem solving, and creativity! We all need to be hugged by a virtual heart, focus our thoughts internally, then deal with the new reality, as it evolves. It won’t be bad, but it will certainly be different!

Keep safe, continue to practice social distancing, and wash your hands!

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