What is Artistic Fear? Plus other ramblings!

Artistic fear is just like any other fear, but it’s still a paralysing emotion, that can cause a ripple effect in your life.

Let’s start with the definition of fear, but I don’t intend to leave it at that, because fear is not always a bad thing.

Definition of fear: “An unpleasant emotion, caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

If you are an artist, then you have definitely experienced artistic fear in your life! It’s that blank page, or canvas syndrome, fear of opening tubes of beads, or even breaking open that new box of crayons. But, that in itself is wickedly annoying!  It is challenging, but often leads to periods of self-reflection, which then leads to artistic breakthroughs.

artistic fear

It’s caused by a fear of making mistakes, being judged, comparing yourself to others, then even not being good enough for your materials. Get over it!! You need to give yourself permission to make those mistakes, but not only that, challenge yourself to just do it! No one is perfect, but competency (and that’s what we should all strive for) will never be attained without doing the work. But how can you ever get better at something, if you’re afraid to even start?

Do me a favour! March right into your studio, sewing, or beading area, then tear (cut, open, rip) into something that you’ve been afraid to use. Now, give yourself permission to actually use it!! You won’t lose money on the deal, because that money was already spent, and probably a very long time ago. Then ask yourself, who cares, and who will judge you? The answer is probably, only yourself!

Now on to other ramblings!

I told you that I was working on some masks, because I’ll be needing a few for when BeadFX re-opens the retail part of the business. Well, my plans included making one for myself, and another for a friend, but that just didn’t work out. I used the wrong size seam allowance, and both masks (because I was using a production line method) ended up way too large!! In my typical perfectionist fashion, I balled them up in my hands, then threw them across the room, but resisted stomping on them! Rats! So, my friend did not get her mask, and I didn’t either, but that won’t stop me. I will make more next weekend!

Not my masks (I’m hiding those), but you’ve just got to see what this artist is doing!

You know that I love rusting stuff, don’t you? Dwyn and I were chatting about Manager’s Specials, when I noticed some rather shopworn components. Really, I had seen them before, but started thinking about what would happen if I bashed them flat, intentionally rusted them, then used to rust either paper or fabric (or both). So, into the bag they went, then into a bath of vinegar when I got home. The first photo is of the original components, but the second is their new form.  Isn’t all that rust lovely?

artistic fear

I will let them percolate for another week, then marry them with paper and tea!  Keep tuned for the results!!

A few in-progress photos of my pandemic projects.  My “Dancing” freeform peyote piece is filling in nicely, but now has to share creative time with my fibre scroll. The scroll is just in its preliminary stages, but my present plan includes hand and machine embroidery, paint, and even beads! But do you know what I discovered? Wallpaper actually stitches beautifully, so more will be included in the piece. This will be a true mixed media scroll, even though I’m also billing it as a Stitch Meditation, because I can!

artistic fear

We miss you; do you miss us? How about some shots of drool-worthy products, just to refresh your memory?

These are way too luscious! I want them all!!!

Don’t let artistic fear get the better of you! Use it to your advantage, then work up something fantabulous to either wear, or show off, after we’re allowed out in public.

Stay safe, continue to practice social distancing, and wash your hands!

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