All About Nothing: But bits about something!

All about nothing is good, when you have absolutely no inspiration, to help develop your blog post. But why, you say? Who really knows?

This is going to be another of those streams of consciousness blog posts, and really, all about nothing, but I guess that’s better than not writing at all. My mind has been busy in other areas, with no room for real inspiration. But I’m actually chomping at the bit, because I know my creativity is hiding in there, somewhere!

Let’s start with mask making! We are spiffing up the store, and making some necessary changes to our retail spaces. Yes, it will be different, but I’ll let Dwyn explain that in one of her updates. However, one thing is for sure, everybody will be required to wear masks, and that includes you! Of course, if you’re ordering on-line, masks and clothing are optional. But don’t let that stop you from wearing a mask, from the comfort of your home. All the cool kids will be doing it!!

I don’t quilt anymore, but could not part with some of my fabrics, then a friend gave me more. Though I own a lot of batiks, my friend’s stash has more variety. I gave most of my older quilting fabrics away!

all about nothing

Some cool fabrics from Amanda, who wants me to make a few more for her. BTW, I love the bird fabric!!

A little something to keep you amused. Both my Freeform Peyote “Dancing” piece, and my “Remnants” scroll are definitely growing, but who know how long I’ll decide to keep working on them?

“Dancing” is now tall enough to stand on her own, though I’m still not sure what her final format will be. At this moment, I’m thinking sculptural, but also keeping my mind open for other possibilities. She will tell me when she’s finished, and what she wants to be! By the way, if you’re interested in Freeform Peyote, this group has fabulous eye candy!

all about nothing

I’m heading into the home stretch, for the initial stitching on one side of my scroll, However, I’m not quite so far ahead, on the flip side (it’s a two-sided piece). Then, after I’ve completed all the preliminary work, there’s still more to come. The embellishments will include hand embroidery, free-motion machine embroidery, paint, then a little beading. This piece will not be finished anytime soon, but then again, that’s the way I like it! Besides, it fits in with my Stitch Meditations, so could end up a year-long project.

all about nothing

Just one more something! My friend was digging around in her stash, and gifted me with these cool Derwent, Inktense Pencils. You can draw with them, then use a wet brush, and they react just like watercolours, for some really cool effects! The amazing thing, is that they’re permanent when dry. What that means, is that I will be trying them out on fabric, very soon. Perhaps even on one of my masks! I know, I’ll take some of that coloured fabric, then place it in a bezel, and cover it with Ice Resin! Cool!

I know that I told you that this was an all about nothing blog, but as usual I managed to pull a few words out of my fingers. Of course, you’ve been social distancing, but what have you been doing on the creative front? Have you used up all those beads you ordered from BeadFX yet?

Keep safe, keep true to your social distancing, wash your hands, and wear a mask! The world thanks you!!

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