June 2020 Bead Mat Update: Beads, stones, and fibre!

June 2020 bead mat update, is a mix of many things, but all of them are colourful!

When I think June, it’s the end of school, and the beginning of summer, but that’s gone all wacky on us this year. Summer started early, with a series of hot spells, yet no school days, except the home school variety. It’s definitely a different start to the vacation season. Speaking of vacations, the cottagers will still be heading north (or wherever), and the rest of us will probably be vacationing in place. Sigh!

Speaking of hot spells, I’m still waiting for my air conditioner parts to arrive, but luckily, we only seem to be getting a couple hottie days at a time, so it’s bearable. According to UPS, my parcel is now in Canada, so my wait is at the mercy of both Canada Customs, and Canada Post! Fingers crossed for their swift, and safe arrival.

The first item on my June 2020 bead mat update, is this concrete/resin pendant that I spoke about in an earlier blog post. I combined it with a drilled stone, from my friend Ann Shewan’s drilling stones workshop, earlier in the year. Alas, no in-person workshops at BeadFX right now!

june 2020 bead mat update
june 2020 bead mat update

Earrings are always quick, and easy, yet I don’t make them as often as I should. But, is there really any room for earrings, with all this mask wearing that we’re doing? I’m afraid of losing some of my more expensive earrings, so decided to use some of these Euro Style Leverback components, for added security. Of course, I just had to use the Ice Resin, and Jet Age Studio Powders charms, that I made a few weeks ago, combined with a few bits and pieces from my stash.

june 2020 bead mat update
june 2020 bead mat update

My Stitch Meditations have taken an interesting turn. I was already working on my rusty sawblade project, Bead Meditations, and my fibre scroll, but that wasn’t enough! So, I started eyeing a pile of teeny, tiny scraps (paper + fabric), then decided to create some “Doodle Bits”. I have no idea what they’ll eventually become, but they’re an awful lot of fun to create!

The scroll is just at the very beginning stages, so it won’t be finished any time soon. My target is the end of the year, but that may change as the piece progresses. I’m planning to mix this one up, with beads, embroidery, found objects, and even a dash of paint!

Stone stacks are easy to make! I coiled the ends of the wire, added the stones, then topped with a wire-wrapped loop (I even experimented with adding fabric to one of them). Quick and easy to make, yet quite suitable for gift giving. Add the findings of your choice to turn it into a pendant, talisman, key chain, zipper pull, purse dangle, or even a backpack charm! You are only limited by your imagination.

Of course, I have to finish up with a progress update, for my freeform peyote “Dancing” piece! It’s getting quite weighty, but I’m nowhere near ready to call it quits! Keep tuned!

june 2020 bead mat update

My June 2020 bead mat update is complete, but all of my projects are not! Stitching is keeping me sane, and it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s fibre or beads. I love it all, and promise to do my best to get the rest of you addicted…err continuing to work on your projects.

Keep safe, continue to social distance, and wash your hands!


    1. Anne Marie

      Hey Marilyn,
      I learned how to do it in Ann Shewan’s Drilling Stones Workshop. Of course, nothing scheduled now, but you could always check out some of the You Tube videos on the subject.

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