The Search for Perfection: Is it even a possibility?

The search for perfection, is something that stops you from truly enjoying everything you do. Do you agree with me?

I was programmed to search for perfection at a very early age? Were you? It’s definitely stressful, I generally ignored it, then went my own merry way!

I love free motion machine embroidery, so decided to include it on my “Remnants” scroll (my Stitch Meditation, pandemic project). It’s quite addictive, but that’s no reason not to use it.

the search for perfection

Here’s my very old (possibly my grandmother’s), hardwood, machine embroidery hoop, that I forgot to use! Oops! In the centre is a small pendant that I made a few years ago. Copper disk + Japanese paper + a thin coat of resin! The back of that pendant, is certainly not perfect!! Looks are deceptive!

The new Miyuki Frosted Glazed Rainbow seedbeads are fabulous! I had to use some of the leftover beads, to make a freeform peyote bracelet. But the piece didn’t want to be a bracelet. I know, driftwood! But what’s that you say? What does driftwood have to do with beads?

Absolutely nothing, but it’s fun, so I decided to go with the flow! So, here’s a peek at my little freeform covered piece of driftwood. Dwyn thinks that it looks like a beaded potato, but I’ve already forgiven her for that observation. LOL! It’s going to be a BeadFX “Inspiration”, so you’ll be hearing more about my process at a later date.

the search for perfection

I was picking an on-line order, when I spotted these Big Hole, 8mm Matte Black Gold Amazonite Rondelles. Suddenly, I was inspired, to make a bracelet. But how would I string it? Lot’s of options (leather, elastic, beading wire, cotton cord), but none seemed quite right. I wanted the stones to shine, so rejected all of the usual suspects. Then I had a ‘what if’ moment, so decided to try 2 mm ball chain (scroll down to see the selections) and it worked!! Two strands of the stones, made a fabulous, double strand, wrap bracelet.

I still need to adjust the size a little, but love the fact that little peeks of the gunmetal ball chain, show in between some of the rondelles. Is it perfect, no, but I love it just the same? I just couldn’t resist, displaying it on another piece of driftwood. By the way, we have lots of other, Big Hole, semi-precious stone beads for you to choose from, if you miss out on the Amazonite.

Here’s my latest batch of Doodle Bits! They’re so much fun to make, and certainly not perfect!! There’s quirky charm, in the imperfections!

the search for perfection

So, the search for perfection has ended, but the fun has just started. How are you planning to ignore your search? Will you just let yourself play?

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