Reflections and Recollections: The time is now!

Reflections and recollections have been on my mind lately. But what does that have to do with the cost of beads, you say? Not much, but it’s a good opening act, so now I’ll get down to fleshing it all out.

I’ve been dithering about during this pandemic, yet it might be time for me to start working on my mixed media jewelry again. Oh, I’ve been playing with this, and that, but mainly work of an ephemeral nature, so nothing that I could make into a collection. I was reminded of this, when I received an email from my editor, asking if I’d be interested in submitting more work for publication. Of course, I said yes, but told her that I had nothing new to show. Luckily, I do have older work, that she hasn’t seen, so I think that I have enough to submit for review. Fingers crossed, because no guarantees!

Back to my reflections and recollections! When I started looking through my photo files, I started reminiscing about the entire creation process. For me, it often starts with an out-of-the-box idea, that comes out of thin air. If I catch it in time, I’ll be able to start working on it. Yet, if I do not, it goes to that place in the sky, where forgotten creative ideas turn into dust! I’m sad to say, that there’s an awful lot of my dust in that place!!

But, just the thought of being published again, has gifted me with ideas, for a couple of new collections. Of course, they need to be fleshed out, to see if they are actually doable, but that’s the easy part. I won’t tell you about them yet, because I’m not sure when I’ll be able to start. I will write some notes though, because without those notes, dust will start collecting.

The rest of this blog post will involve photos of some of my retro work, few new whimsies, then updates on a couple of newer projects.

Some of my older pieces, or should I call them recollections?

reflections and recollections
Altered Dominos
reflections and recollections
Amulet Pouches!
reflections and recollections
reflections and recollections
Bead & Hand Embroidery
reflections and recollections
Resin & my own photographs
reflections and recollections
Story Brooches
reflections and recollections
Watercolour Dreams Cuffs

I haven’t worked on my fibre scroll lately (based on a mixed media form of my Stitch Meditations), so I won’t be showing you any photos. But I think about it all the time! I need to start splashing paint about, yet I haven’t how I’m going to do it. It’s a scary process, and once I get started, there’s no turning back!

My freeform peyote “Dancing” piece, continues to consume me! Just look at all those yummy seed beads, that originated at BeadFX. I wanted this piece to be a stash buster, but it seems that I’m just using small quantities, of a very large selection of seed beads, plus a few orphans, crystals, and accent beads. I really haven’t saved any space in the drawers!

While I dance around the subject, I reflect on all of the different pathways we need to follow. I seriously doubt that life will ever be what it was before, but think about the fact, that breaking new paths, could lead us to someplace better. If we remain positive, and keep control of the idiots, we will come out of this wiser, and stronger!

My “Doodle Bits”, are coming along nicely, but I still haven’t decided what I want to do with them. I’ve received hundreds of ideas, yet not one has spurred me into action yet. No, not even the suggestion that I paper my powder room with them. LOL! So, they’re still sitting pretty, in their candy box! Another potential stash buster, yet the scraps pile just keeps multiplying. Is there someone salting my stash, when I’m not looking?

As for the whimsey part, how about these “beaver sticks” (actually chewed by beavers, up north, and I’ve been holding on to them for years), that I’ve whittled into mark-making tools, for my mixed media art (ink, paint, etc.)? I became so obsessed with the thought, that I had to go out and buy a strong, sharp, knife! The driftwood is being auditioned for either DIY artist brushes, or even some jewelry. Only time will tell!

My new mark-making sticks. I’m itching to try them out!
Driftwood, boiled, bleached, and ready to go!

My reflections, and recollections blog post has become a mixed bag, but it’s certainly turning up the volume on my creativity! If your creative juices are not flowing, then I suggest that you reflect a little, then start playing with your stash, to generate some action. You can do it!!

Stay safe, wear a mask, social distance, and wash your hands!


  1. Pat Hood

    I see your “stitch meditations” adorning clothes – as patches, as brooches, as hat decorations, on purses. They inspire me to make a stitch meditation the next time I have to patch something. Then I can wear my art and extend the life of a garment.

    1. Anne Marie

      Oh, thank you Pat! These ones are a combination of paper, and fabric. For clothing embellishments, I would probably stick to just fabric. For brooches, they could be used as it. Be warned though, they are quite addicting! LOL!

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