BeadFX Inspiration – Glitzy Pincushion Ring

Once upon a time – we had a weekly inspiration project – something to help you get inspired. Time has moved on, old computer systems don’t necessarily survive upgrades, roles change and somehow, somewhere – in the hustle and bustle – the weekly inspirations slid to the bottom of the priority heap.

Sad, but true.

But, we are constantly coming up with great ideas – so we are going to breathe life back into the inspirations – not necessarily with step-by-step projects – but with ideas, suggestions, and inspiration – for you to take, and make your own.

Without further ado – I present to you – Anne Marie Desaulniers’ Glitzy Pincushion Ring.

Glitzy Pincushion Ring

BeadFX Inspiration – Glitzy Pincushion Ring

Anne Marie Desaulniers

I spotted a simplified version of a similar ring, somewhere on the Internet. Of course, I didn’t save it! However, I decided that a little bling wouldn’t hurt, and it would still be a practical way to shelter your needles and pins. If you’re anything like me, they get temporarily stuck in the arm of the couch. So far, I’ve been lucky, and haven’t stabbed myself!

The supplies are simple:

Nunn Design Bezel Ring (other rings may be available, but the size of the felt ball might change) S55867/55867 (also available in Antique Gold S55866/55866)

¾” Felt ball – I purchased a variety pack at Michaels (years ago), but you also check out the Dollar Store, or even felt your own!

Cup Chain –Crystal AB – Antique Silver – s63693/63693

Firepolish 2mm beads – s145182/145182 – Silver lined crystal

15/0 seed beads –Silver lined crystal – mb15-0001/016425

E6000 glue – S37671/37671


Beading needle, and Fireline

Embroidery needle, and thread (I used #12, Black Perle Cotton, but you could substitute Crochet Cotton, or Embroidery Floss)


  1. Use either scissors, or a sharp knife, to cut a small amount off the bottom of the felt ball. This will give you a flat surface, to glue to the bezel.
  2. Add a generous dab of E6000 to the bottom of the bezel, and spread it around with a toothpick. Not too much, or it will spill over the sides, and not too little, or the felt ball will not stick.
  3. Press the flattened side of the felt ball, into the bezel, and hold it firmly in place for a few minutes.
  4. Leave it to dry overnight.
  5. The next day, measure the cup chain around the base of the felt ball (just above the edge of the bezel), and cut to size, with your flush cutters.
  6. Thread your needle, place and hold the cup chain around the felt ball, then couch (a simple overhand stitch), between the crystals, all the way around the cup chain, holding it in place. I use a small knot at the beginning, then a simple back stitch at the end, hiding both the knot and the backstitch, underneath the cup chain. You will be using your embroidery needle, and #12 Perle Cotton in this step.
  7. Use your toothpick to add a tiny bit of E6000 glue, underneath the cut edges (only where they join) of the cup chain. This will hold them in place. Let dry!
  8. Now, add one-2mm Firepolish bead, in the empty space, just above the bar, and between each of the crystals on the cup chain. You will be using your beading needle and Fireline in this step.
  9. Continuing to use your beading needle and Fireline, stitch size 15/0 seedbeads between each of the 2mm Firepolish beads.
  10. When you’re finished that, stitch size 15/0 beads, randomly around the surface of the felt ball, leaving plenty of space to stick your needles and pins. Again, bury your knot, and backstitch (used when you’re finished beading), underneath the cup chain.
  11. Your Glitzy Pincushion Ring is finished!


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