Project of the Week: Going Batty!

Welcome to a new BeadFX feature! In addition to the inspirations, we are presenting a complete project – with instructions and fully illustrated! Some of the projects will be brand new, based on new or existing products; others will be re-vamped inspirations featuring up-to-date products and options.

Our first-ever project is:

Going Batty Pin

This fun pin, designed by Pamela Kearns exclusively for BeadFX, features our new bat component. The component has been filled with Crystal Clay; colour added and, when dry, completed with dangles. A pinback completes the project.

Materials needed:

1 Charm Pendant – Open Bat, antique bronze
2″/5cm 7x4mm Curb Chain – Antique Brass
3 Jump Rings Open 6mm – Antiqued Brass
2 6mm daisy spacers, brass oxide (shown with 6mm Hammered Lentil, brass oxide)
Crystal Clay, white
MetalFX – Metallic/Mica Powder – Sunset Shimmer
MetalFX – Metallic/Mica Powder – Pewter Chalice or as dark a colour as you have
E6000 glue
1 .75in Pinback – Nickel


2 pairs of pliers (flat nose, bent nose or chain nose to open jump rings
Metal clay tools: teflon sheet; acrylic roller
Olive oil

1. Combine a small amount of equal parts of the Crystal Clay (colour and catalyst). You only need enough mixed clay to fill the charm. Mix until you see no streaks of either part of clay.

2. Apply a small amount of olive oil to the teflon sheet and roller. The olive oil prevents the clay from sticking and allows better removal.

3. Using your hands, roll the clay into a sphere to remove any creases or seams in the clay. Place the clay onto the oiled teflon sheet.

4. Use the roller to roll the clay to about 1/8″ in thickness – not too thin!

5. Place the bat charm onto the clay and press in as it if is a cookie cutter. Take care to not mark the clay inside the bat. I used the handle-end of pliers to help push it down.

6. Remove the excess clay from the outside of the charm. The excess can be gathered and re-rolled for additional projects, but keep in mind you only have about 30 – 45 minutes before the clay begins to get too stiff to work with. Clean up the outside of the charm removing any bits of clay.

7. Using a dry brush, apply a small amount of the darker colour of mica around the edges of the clay, creating some shadowing. I happened to have a very dark colour on hand.

Wipe off any excess colour from the brush and apply the lighter colour to the reminder of the clay. Go ahead and do some shading using both colours!

8. When you’re satisfied, allow the component to completely dry and cure for 24 hours. Resist the temptation to touch it!

9. When dry, add the chain using a jump ring to the approximate centre of the 2″ length of chain. If you want, have both sides a different length. Add the daisy spacers to the ends of the chain, using jump rings.

10. Use the E6000 to attach the pinback to the reverse of the filled bat.

That’s it – you’re done! Change it up using the silver version and silver findings. You can also paint the Crystal Clay or apply resin over the Crystal Clay, encasing glitter or other embellishments within the resin; just remember to add additional drying and curing time for the resin after the Crystal Clay has dried.

Share your finished project on our Facebook page – we would love to see what you’ve done!

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