Project of the Week: Handsome Ahoy


When we introduced nylon cord, Dwyn Tomlinson saw the great potential in this fun material. Her inspiration, Handsome Ahoy, was a perfect example of an easy-to-do project that could be worn by either a man or a woman.

Let’s add a splash of autumn colour to the bracelet! I’ve used even-count flat peyote strips zipped around the brass beads and the end caps.

The colours of size 11/0 Miyuki Delica beads are:
db2102 Maize (DC)
db2109 Opaque Sienna (DC)
db2125 Light Amazon Green (DC)
db2104 Opaque Kumquat (DC)
The thread I used was Toho One-G

Once picked the colours, I needed to figure out the size of the strips I needed. In this case, the centre tube is ten beads in width. The two side tubes are six beads wide and the end caps are also six beads wide.

I also needed to figure out how many beads around my strip needed to be. To help, I wrapped a beaded piece around the tube to be covered.

The three tube beads are 24 rows in length; the end caps are 25 rows in length.

Centre Bead
Side Beads
End Caps

Here are the patterns I developed. Of course you can change you colours or completely the designs!

You can also simply wrap the peyote strips around the mesh cord – no beads required, but you will need shorten the strips by a row or two. If the pattern doesn’t meet up, you can position the join on the inside of the bracelet – no one will see it!

Once you’ve beaded the strips, wrap the strips around the tubes and end caps and zip them up. If they need a little help to stay on, put a drop of Super Glue between the tube and the beading.

That’s it! Create your own autumn-inspired bracelet!

Here are the materials needed for the bracelet:
Cord – 10mm Round Nylon Cord – Antique Ivory; also available in Black and Taupe
Findings – 10mm Round – 10mm Simple End Cap – Antiqued Brass; also available in Antique Silver and Antique Copper (2 needed)
Metal Bead – 16mm Plain Band (currently available in Antique Silver and Antique Copper) (1 needed)
Metal Bead – 10mm Plain Band – Antiqued Brass (also available in Antique Silver and Antique Copper) (2 needed)
Super Glue or Super New Glue

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