Collecting Collections: But that’s not all!

Collecting collections, seems to be my way of life! I make no apologies, because it’s something that I love to do.

I’m not only collecting collections, I also make collections, because I love to work in series. So, this blog post is going to be a little bit of everything, but don’t worry, it will be over fast! Much faster than the actual work, the collecting, then figuring out what to do with it all!

I worry that my collections will eventually come to an unhappy ending. But let’s not talk about that!! I really don’t have enough space for them, so I seem to constantly be searching for creative storage solutions. Perhaps the best bet would be to either sell, or give some of them away, but I’m not sure that I’m ready for that yet. But my plastic bin collection, is amazing!

This is going to be a mishmash of collections, a few things I’ve been working on, and some retro bits.  Are you ready?

The only creative thing I did last weekend, was to rust dye an old piece of sheeting. This time I dipped it in a weak solution of black tea, wrapped it around a rusty tin, swathed it in plastic wrap, then left it outside for a day and a half. I love it!  All three photos are different sections, of the same piece of fabric. Next time I’ll use a stronger tea solution, because that will give me less orange, but more black and grey’ish tones. I have several pieces of rusted fabric, in my stash, so I guess that fits with today’s collection theme.

collecting collections

I showed you the bare-naked stones, that live in a box under my coffee table, a couple of weeks ago. But it’s party time, so these ones are all dressed up!!!

collecting collections

Years ago, I decided to felt some empty spools of cheap polyester thread. I made these ones, and gave a couple away. Do you think that I should make more? Two is not really a collections, but I do have a blue, felted base that could be embellished. I use them to hold pins, and needles, when I remember to do it. I call them Beaded Folly’s.

collecting collections
collecting collections

My Bead Meditations series, are an offshoot from Stitch Meditations (we won’t mention how many of those I have). I didn’t get far with this one, but I’m always open for a new adventure. Good thing that I work for BeadFX, because you never know when I’ll need more beads! Of course, won’t even mention my fabric stash!!

collecting collections

Did I ever show you these owls, that I made for a long-ago swap? They were fun to make! Are they still a collection, if I gave them away?

collecting collections

A basket (actually two baskets) from a friend Down Under, holding a small collection. Some pieces are from her, but others were gathered over time.

collecting collections

Not really a collection, but I do need to start working on my pandemic pieces again.

Hey, I didn’t even mention, or show my driftwood collection! I’ll save that for another day. Besides I have some ideas, that I plan to work on as the weather gets cooler.

Collecting collections is a bit obsessive, and I have tons more to show you, but I think that’s enough for this post. More later! Now tell all! What do you collect?

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands! It’s really the only way for now!!

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