September 2020 Bead Mat Update: Recharging my creativity!

My September 2020 Bead Mat Update, signals a recharge in creativity for me. But not only that, I picked up my needle again, and started working on a couple of stalled projects. Sigh!

You’ve seen both of these free-form projects in earlier blog posts, but only one is finished. My quartz crystal’s purpose is to sit pretty, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worthwhile, does it? It kept my hands busy, for many hours of watching summer re-runs, and sappy Hallmark movies! There’s only so much I can take!!

September 2020 bead mat update

My free-form pandemic project, has been on the shelf for most of the summer, but with our numbers going up, it was time to pull it out again. It’s my stress therapy! No progress on my fibre scroll, but there’s still time.

September 2020 bead mat update

I made another Mask Chain/Leash “Inspiration” for you, but haven’t written the instructions yet. More details will come in a future blog post.

September 2020 bead mat update
Black Onyx & Antique Silver.

I needed a new obsession, so I wandered around BeadFX, looking for something new for my September 2020 bead mat update. A few older items, jumped into my hands, then I started thinking about collage! When am I not thinking about collage, but this time it involved both wire and a frame? The wire was a little heavy, but the technique has potential, so expect to see more in the future.

September 2020 bead mat update
Just playing around!

Look at my latest “Doodle Bits”, then consider the fact that they still fit in the candy tin. Is it a magic fairy tin, or does it contain a tiny black hole, that swallows up some of the earlier bits? Think about that for a while! They are still part of my Stitch Meditation practice, although no longer a regular part of my evenings. But they are fun!

What do rust and tea have in common? They’re perfect for rust dyeing (the tea is rich in tannin), although it does give a grungier, or even a softer effect than vinegar (which will print more orange).  I tried it on fabric.

September 2020 bead mat update
Around a rusty piece of rebar.
More rusty rebar.
September 2020 bead mat update
Old sheet and a rusty tomato juice tin.

A couple of different types of paper.

Japanese Washi paper.
Rice paper.

Paper that was painted with a turmeric solution. I definitely need to do more of this, because it has tons of potential!

Mixed media paper. I think that I love this one the best!!

My September 2020 Bead Mat Update is definitely a mixed bag! It came together quite quickly, despite the fact that I had a very busy month. I met my writing deadline, so now I can afford to play. Watch out for more of my adventures in October.  Happy fall everyone!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands!

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