Playing with Possibilities!

Playing with possibilities, is my favourite way of working, but is it the only way? I don’t care, because I think that it’s fun!

The secret to creativity, is a combination of both play, and hard work.

It’s no secret that I like to play, and I’m not afraid of hard work! So, here’s how I’ve been playing with possibilities this week.

My Free Form Peyote “Dancing” piece, is thoughtful, absorbing, addicting, flexible, never ending, feels good in my hands, but also carries a message. It’s my visual journal of our life, during this pandemic. It illustrates many of the new paths we are following. While a lot of good will come out of this experience, that will be combined with a mountain of grief, uncertainty, and desolation. It’s certainly been both scary, and challenging!

playing with possibilities
I’m still working on this, and adding more paths to follow.

Many artists, beaders, and other crafters, are wallowing in creativity right now. At BeadFX, beads are flying out the door, and other D.I.Y shops are experiencing the same! To adapt, we need to be strong, creative, and experience pain. If one path is blocked, then it’s an opportunity to open up another channel. It’s only right! Be smart, open your minds, and your hearts! We will survive! Be not afraid!

Who would have thought that masks, and mask chains, would be such a large part of our lives (or, a healthy supplemental income for some clever entrepreneurs)?

Speaking of mask chains, here’s a couple more that I made last week with our semi-precious gemstone chain. They are simple to make, and quite delicious!

Smoky Quartz

What else have I been up to?

My latest #brownpaperbagchallenge piece for the Stitch Meditation Group. This is number 12 in the series. I doubt that I will make many more, of this type, but I do have some ideas for display.

playing with possibilities
Is it a house, or a coat/scarf, or a kimono?

I spotted a small fibre bowl on Instagram, so was inspired to make my own. This one is quite different, even teenier, made from a bit re-cycled wool sweater, and I love it! No pattern, just pure imagination! I plan to make more.

playing with possibilities
3/4″ tall x a little over 1″ wide

What would you do with this strip of tea-dyed linen? Play is brewing, with this bit of tea stained nonsense.

A new experiment, with some of our older beads! Not finished yet, but coming along nicely!

I’ll tell you all about it, in a future blog post.

My playing with possibilities will continue next weekend, so you may even see a Part 2, to this post. I have several more ideas, roaming around in my brain, so keep tuned!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands!!

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