Blowing Away the Cobwebs!

Blowing away the cobwebs, is something that I had to do this weekend. My mind told me enough, so I needed to relax, kick back, then straighten out my thoughts.

First, I paid attention to my priorities, then I had to decide what I was going to do with my weekend time. I must confess that I wasted one whole day (Saturday), but was it really a waste? Or, did my body just tell me that it was necessary? I think so, because my day involved snacking, napping, reading, then a bit of TV. Boring, but it did help to re-charge the batteries.

No big Thanksgiving plans (Canadian Thanksgiving, social distancing, and no family in town), so all I had to worry about was feeding myself, then deciding what to play with first. Inertia set in, so not much was actually done. Sigh!

I needed to get serious about blowing away the cobwebs! So, what did I do? Headed down to the beach, on Sunday! But would that be enough? I certainly hope so, because I couldn’t waste the whole weekend!

blowing away the cobwebs
No tiny stone collecting today, and not much driftwood either!
blowing away the cobwebs
blowing away the cobwebs

As you can see from the waves, it was windy, and cool! Just what I needed!!! I snapped photos of the waves, and walked about for a couple of hours. I was dressed warmly enough, but could have used a hat! The wind didn’t seem to bother this gull though! Of course, he was in a more sheltered location.

blowing away the cobwebs
He found a bit of calm water!

So, what else did I accomplish over the weekend?

I played around with a Neurographic Line Drawing, which helped me to focus.

blowing away the cobwebs

Then I decided to work on a random Stitch Meditation (not part of any particular series). I started out with a simple idea, but it soon morphed into an evening’s worth of stitching. My fingers were sore the next morning!

blowing away the cobwebs

I wanted to experiment with water colour, and resin, so I played around with that idea for a while. I do like the results, but next time I will try with more saturated colour. It does have possibilities!

Then, I had a couple of open-backed bezels, that were wasting away on my work table. So, I had to fill them part way (with clear Ice Resin), so I could continue the experimentation next weekend. What should I do with them? Stay tuned!

I made this rectangular shaped resin piece a while ago, but couldn’t finish until we re-stocked the Susan Lenart Kazmer Bezels. Now it’s finished!

This is a reminder that you shouldn’t be pouring leftover resin, when you’re tired. I hadn’t cleaned the mold, so ended up with black spots on my cured piece. I will clean the mold, then try again.

After blowing away the cobwebs, I do feel somewhat refreshed. However, it’s a reminder that I must take more time for myself. What did you do this weekend, and did you follow through with the social distancing?

Keep calm, social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands!


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