October 2020 Bead Mat Update: Everything’s coming up batty!

My October 2020 bead mat update reflects a rather batty time of year for me.  I’m not really following any particular path, but the road to creativity does drive some of my choices.

The article I told you about earlier, has been put to bed, so I have more time to work on extra projects. Okay, I finished the review on the weekend, but now I’m looking forward to a nice stretch of creative action. I’ll let you know more about the article, when I can.

These partially filled (with Ice Resin), open-backed bezels, were originally shown in last week’s blog post, but here’s what I ended up doing with them. I embellished one simply, with a stripe of Jet Age Powders, then treated the other to layers of Alcohol Ink. It needed a little something, so I dusted it with more powder. Wow, did that ever make a difference! But believe me, a little of these powders, go a very long way!!

October 2020 bead mat update

Do you believe that the end of October is almost here? So, now it’s time for more Ice Resin, and Jet Age Powders. I went batty, combining them with BeadFX’s, 10/pack of open backed, bats! You can find them here!

October 2020 bead mat update
October 2020 bead mat update

The necklace, and earrings will eventually be “Inspirations”. Aren’t they fun?

This is what I did with the leftover resin! I dusted MetalFX powders in the bottom of the molds, a bit of Jet Age powder, then added a little Alcohol Ink (Adirondack, in Shell Pink) to the resin, for a hint of colour! No waste!

Now onto the next item on my October 2020 bead mat update! What would the month end be, without another batch of Stitch Bits? But actually, it’s one of my monthly contributions to Stitch Meditations, combined with a little stress relief, and stash busting! But not that much stash busting, because they’re very small, but packed full of fun! What would you do with them?

October 2020 bead mat update

I can’t believe that they still fit in this box!!

I’m still intrigued with the idea of using watercolour backgrounds for my resin, but I haven’t got the mix (or the experience) quite right yet! However, I do like this colour combination, and may punch out a few circles, to try it out.

I was talking to Dwyn (Dragon Jools) one day, and mentioned that I would eventually like to do a blog post about lampwork beads. When she offered, I accepted, but now need to actually do something with them. LOL!

I told her that I was going to make a river of beads, so this is my very small river! Of course, I will also do other things with them, but that will be for a series of future blog posts! Thanks, Dwyn for feeding my obsession!!

October 2020 bead mat update

My October 2020 bead mat update is over, but I still have a little more than a week to play! I wonder what I will get up to? Any bets??

Keep safe, social distance, wear your mask, and wash your hands!

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