Turning up the Heat on your Creativity!

Are you turning up the heat on your creativity? It’s a difficult time, but there’s absolutely nothing else we can do about it, so we might as well focus on art. Plus, Christmas is coming, and mail is slow!

I told Dwyn that I wanted to do a blog post about Lampwork beads, so she brought me in a fairly hefty bag of them!!! The first two are rather safe, but I intend to change that shortly

You can find lampwork bead findings here.

turning up the heat
turning up the heat

I will show my small, personal collection of lampwork beads, in a future post.

I’m turning up the heat, while exploring more options!

Altered brushed silver beads , using beads, Jet Age Powders, glue, and Vintaj Glaze. I love the ‘crunchy’ effect!

turning up the heat

Dwyn challenged me to do something with our large, wood beads. They’re larger than the ones I used for my Free Form Peyote Bead class, but now I need a larger mandrel. The beads are inexpensive, and with 15 in a package, there are lots to play with!

The first two involved my hand painted paper, Ice Resin – Paper Sealer, and Vintaj Glaze. Other paper could also be used. It’s called decoupage!

turning up the heat

What else have I been working on? More work on my “Dancing” pandemic piece (free form peyote). I pick it up, then work on it when I’m feeling the pressure. With the current surge of cases, I really do need the distraction. I am considering adding a cluster of larger beads, but I haven’t decided how I’m going to incorporate them into the piece yet. Keep tuned!

Here’s the first piece in my new Paper, Stitch Meditation series. I used my version of a technique called Momigami, to wrinkle, and soften the paper prior to stitching. It’s really quite easy!

turning up the heat

A Neurographic line drawing, on black paper, with metallic watercolours. No circles, but I still love it!

Polymer clay beads that I made a few year ago. I re-discovered them, while doing a little sorting, so now I’m actually obligated to do something!!! Any ideas?

This is the end of my turning up the heat blog post, but definitely not the end of my creativity! After a few fairly dismal weeks, I’m ready to get back into the swing of things. What have you been up to?

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands!


    1. Anne Marie

      Hi Madeleine,

      I’m not personally teaching any classes in 2020, but do expect to be planning some for early 2021. However if you check out the BeadFX Class schedule, other instructors are currently teaching virtual Zoom classes, and there are metal, and metal clay, in-person classes running as well.

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