Random Thoughts and Activities!

Random thoughts and activities are the story of my life! My wild and crazy notions, call for immediate attention!

The second in my Paper Stitch Meditation series. I use my version of the Momigami technique, then embellish with simple hand embroidery stitches.

random thoughts and activities

My random thoughts and activities, then led me back to wooden beads. This week, I decorated them with Neurographic Line Drawings (NLD). Last week was decoupage!

random thoughts and activities

random thoughts and activities

The NLD was a little challenging, as the pen wanted to slide a bit, and my hand wasn’t quite steady. Early morning would have been better, but I decided to start them in the evening. So, I drew the lines, then let them sit for a couple of days. I started with watercolours, but quickly found that it had a tendency to spill outside of the lines. The next morning, I pulled out my Prismacolors, then used them for a much better result! I still need to varnish them, but will need to investigate how to stabilize, prior to painting on the glaze. I wouldn’t want them to smudge!!

Did I tell you that I’m taking a “Natural Art Brushes” class with Leslie Rottner (someone that I’ve been following on Instagram)? I’m thoroughly enjoying it, but confess that I’m still waiting for some much-needed supplies, and equipment. No brushes made yet, but power tools have been ordered (including a new drill, as my Ikea drill died, mid-drill)! I do own both a Dremel, and a Mastercraft clone, but the larger drill bits won’t fit either. Sigh!

A few driftwood sticks, that I cut with my hand saw! When I get tired of the manual labour, I will throw myself on the mercy of friends! Did you notice that I even attempted some simple carving (err, gouging) on one of them?

Somehow, I will eventually turn this into a jewelry making adventure!

Saturday was a beautiful day, so I spent a couple of hours, foraging for good ‘sticks’ in a local park. But I do need to remove bark. Luckily, I have an ample supply of driftwood, for when I get tired of whittling it off! Easy peasy, and no bark-removal required! I’m going to be very busy this winter!

A beautiful day, but cool and windy!

You saw these mixed media beads before, but I altered another 20 beads, so now have enough for a necklace. I plan to put the instructions up as an “Inspiration” in a couple of weeks (the link is to my latest “Batty” Inspiration).

random thoughts and activities

My random thoughts and activities are over for the week, but I’m still dreaming up new ideas! What are you up to, during these challenging, and somewhat disturbing times?

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands!

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